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I'm sure the very first poem I ever wrote has been lost to time, but I have the original of a poem written when I was seven, entitled "God Made Me". Since then, I have written (well, kept copies of) over 1,100 poems. Most of them are quite terrible (especially from my angst-ridden teenage years), but others have been given critical praise, been published, and won awards.

Here are a few of my favorites. The earliest was written 19 april 1992; the most recent 20 march 2004. They are in no particular order (other than, apparently, alphabetical). I will add more as I write more, or as the mood strikes me.

I try to write my poems with a lot of imagery - I hope that you can 'see' what I have written about. I am very much a child of the sea, so the ocean shows up a lot in my poems. There's also wistfulness, and hope.

>thingz 2 do
i want to live
laugh dream learn
create beauty
travel to exotic lands
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And the wind blew
the sago palms
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Black circles
My adult self
attempts to
remain calm, cool,
in the face of the yawning
tiger of the unknown.
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We all walk through life
trailing invisible wires
that swirl around us
like bright ribbons on a maypole.
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Death Visits the Opera
"It was spectacular!" Death
said in his gravelly voice
after spending a night at
the opera.
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I lay next to you
on the beach
as we make
sand angels
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among the swaying palms,
I found you.
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I'm staring out the windshield
At the cars I'm passing by
I'm chasing down a dream
So I've really got to fly
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How fragile we are
How fragile our skin
This wrapping around us
To keep it all in
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Heather Fields
The Finnish girl
with the strange
last name and the
stranger ways
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in the way
gets in the way of Living.
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In the moon-blue evening,
where shadows fall like leaves
beneath weeping willows
bent by age and care
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I can imagine
that turning into
a butterfly hurts.
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Somewhere, caught in
and past lives and
friends I don't seem to
remember, in
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The Moon-Hanger
I see her walking down the busy street
a wan expression on her tired face
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Poetry copyright D. Savannah George. All rights reserved. Please do not steal my work. If you would like to reprint, please ask permission.