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I've always been a writer, but I have to admit - I have not yet completed a full-length novel. (Though I will, in short order!) When I was a kid, I would write and illustrate my own children's books. They are notable for their spelling errors and bad drawings. I still have most of them, but don't think they'll be published anytime soon.

When I was 11 or so, I finished my first "book" - Elizabeth and the Mystery of the Old Box. I put the term book in quotes here, because it's only about 25 pages, so it doesn't even quality to be a novella. I still have it (somewhere!) (I hope!), but haven't read it in a long time.

About a million years ago (before email! before computers!), my best friend Heather and I started working on a sci-fi adventure novel. We'd type up a couple pages and mail them to each other. Then we grew up, had lives (Heather had a baby & several ankle surgeries), started working on our own projects, and The Problem with Tetra has never been finished. It's up to 16 chapters, but needs a lot of work. Every once in a while we talk about resurrecting it, and actually work on it for a bit, but we haven't touched it in three years. Maybe someday...

Currently, I'm working on an as-yet-untitled novel. It started as a short story in 1996, and I've worked on it off and on over the years. I have a vague idea of where it's going, and a basic plot, but no real clue as to everything that's going to happen. I got the idea so long ago, I have no idea how it really started! Now, when I hear a funny story, it usually ends up in the book. Jesus on cherry-picker was really viewed by someone I know, and one of my best friends really worked as an "egg" inspector.

A segment of it, So Much for That, even won an award in the Georgia Writers 2003 Members Contest. I LOVE my main character, Jessie, her spunk and determination, her sarcasm, her humor. I feel guilty that I haven't finished telling her story. To read the award-winning excerpt, click here. (Note: lots has changed since I posted this excerpt, but Jessie's voice is very much the same.)

I'm also pleased as punch to report that I'm working on the 22nd book for the Annie's Attic Mystery Series. My book will be called A Spicy Secret, and comes out in early 2013.