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by D. Savannah George

We all walk through life
trailing invisible wires
that swirl around us
like bright ribbons on a maypole.

And as we walk, at
times those wires connect with the
wires of someone else.
It's all a strange process, no rhyme,

no reason, hardly
any sense. Sometimes, as you move
through time and space, they'll
barely touch another. Somehow,

they'll flit together,
hold briefly, and then unravel
as you both move on.
Then there are those wires that leap

at each other as
they pass, flinging up a shower
of sparks, igniting
the landscape with passion and joy.

And you both move on.
There are also connections you
are born with, ones you
may not see, feel or care about,

but ones that bind you
to others on this planet in
ways you may never
fully understand. And still yet

there are those wires,
that upon passing someone else,
snag at that person,
grab at their wires, hold tightly,

and grow stronger as
you both traverse through time and space.
We all walk through life
making unvoiced connections.

Poetry copyright © 3 June 95 D. Savannah George. All rights reserved. Please do not steal my work. If you would like to reprint, please ask permission.