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by D. Savannah George

Somewhere, caught in
and past lives and
friends I don't seem to
remember, in
green bowers of leaves
and blue silky
water I once knew,
in fluttering
hearts sent soaring by
your words, in hopes
shot down, crash-landing
on the floor.

Somewhere, a beach
on a far island,
covered with sand
and dusted with shells,
in waves lashing
against my feet, on
a mountaintop
I've never seen,
in a meadow
by a stream.

Somewhere, in words
I wrote when I was
young, in lost love
and found hopes, childish
pain and childish
joy, in chasing dreams
and shooting stars --

I'm lost.

Poetry copyright © 2 Aug 94 D. Savannah George. All rights reserved. Please do not steal my work. If you would like to reprint, please ask permission.