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I haven't written many essays during my illustrious writing career. I couldn't find any old ones to include. I have, however, written a LOT of brochures, press releases, video scripts, Web sites, etc., which you can see a sample of on my marketing portfolio page. I also wrote a LOT of academic papers in my graduate career, including a 123-page thesis on women in radio.

"Under My Thumb": Female On-Air Personalities on Classic Rock and Rock Radio Stations
Part of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree in communication, which I received from Georgia State University in Dec. 2000, was that I write a thesis. It was hard. I had to quit my job and work on it full-time for six months just to finish. My lovely sister, who at the time was a morning show DJ at a radio station in California, served as the inspiration.

The genesis of the thesis was a paper I wrote for my women in media class. I knew I had hit on something important when I submitted the topic for a required research study - the roles of women in radio - and my professor wrote back something along the lines of "don't they all just play music?" Sadly, men and women don't just play music, and they don't play music at the same level of respect and compensation. Also sadly, there has been little to no research on the roles of women in radio (though I'm hoping that has changed by now). So, I wrote my paper for class.

I was then asked to submit my paper to the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Annual Conference, which was held in New Orleans, April 19 - 22, 2000. My paper was accepted, and I presented my research during one of eight segments featuring radio studies, the only person presenting research of this scope.

Then, I did LOTS more research, and conducted 15 telephone interviews with women working on morning shows on rock and classic rock stations in the top 15 markets, and transcribed them all (you don't have ANY idea how many times you say "uh-huh" until you have to type it!), and wrote a thesis. And proudly graduated! You can find a copy of my thesis in the Georgia State University library. Or here.

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Download the PCA paper (PDF; 19 pages) PDF document
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