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Short stories are pretty easy to write, unlike a novel, although I have any number of them that are still unfinished. Or some that I've finished and reworked a billion times. Maybe someday... Here are a few. I will likely add more as I write more (or edit old ones), or feel like it!

Caring for Nelda
I wrote this little story for an entry in the Creative Writing category of the 2011 Boone County & 2011 Northwest Arkansas District Fairs. It could only be three pages long, hence its brevity. It won blue ribbons in both fairs, and a Best In Show ribbon at District. The judge's note: "Your story fits the category very well and was fun to read. You write very well!"
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Who Named It Love?
I was asked to write a serial story for the international quarterly publication Calling Earth (now defunct). The story I wrote, Who Named It Love?, was published in 14 parts from 1994-1997.

It was quite a challenge to write: all the parts had to be approximately the same length, and I wanted it to be light and on a subject everyone could relate to. I also had to bear in mind that much of the audience did not speak English as their first language, so it had to be fairly easy to comprehend. Since the sections would be printed quarterly, I had to do a bit of repetition at the beginning of each part so people who had just subscribed would still be interested in reading the story. In addition, I wanted the story to have a definite end. I think I succeeded!
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Being SuperMom
This humorous story was inspired by my friend Diane, who works full time and is raising three girls (and a husband). It won 2nd place for fiction in the Border's Writers Competition, sponsored by the Pinckneyville Arts Center. I'm not going to tell you anymore - just read it!
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I wrote this short-short my senior year of college when I was editor of Ramifications, the award-winning literary magazine. Someone on my staff (maybe even me) came up with the idea to have a short story in a black bar across every page of that particular edition. So, I wrote this. It was originally entitled The Story in Black, but that only makes sense if you are reading it in the magazine. It's a little dark, and sad, but also hopeful.
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