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Praise for my Editing Services

Eastgate Keeps on Singing
"She edited my upcoming novel, A Splintered Dream, and she did a remarkable job. She has such an astute ability of understanding the writing process, being able to focus on each word, sentence, and paragraph, while never losing focus on the story line. Even though I created the characters, and their innermost feelings, hopes, and fears, she had the uncanny ability to know their thoughts and desires as if she was inside my head when the characters were born. I would highly recommend she for editing any project, large or small, as well as any genre or subject matter."

~ Chuck Walsh, author, A Splintered Dream
A Month of Tomorrows

Note: photo by Sandy Vega Walsh for Chuck Walsh

Eastgate Keeps on Singing

"She is an avid reader so she knows what makes a story that works. Her devotion to the written word and attention to detail are the perfect combination to create at editor who knows her stuff. She is able to catch the bits, pieces, and errors that easily and often slip past an author. My books benefited from her touch."

~ K.D. McCrite, author, Eastgate Keeps On Singing
Redemption (forthcoming)

Note: photo of Jason Sway by D. Savannah for K.D. McCrite

A Cow Named John by Gail Picado

"I’d like to say that I really appreciate what a good job you did. You were easy to follow and you did a great job in rearranging some of the things. At first, I feared that I wouldn’t even recognize my story, but that never happened. You really did a nice job with your creative mind. I thank you for this. I feel honored to have you as my editor."

~ Gail Picado, author, A Cow Named John
(Solstice Publishing, August 2012)

The Art of Magic by Ann Harth

"She worked with me as the editor of my middle-grade novel, The Art of Magic. She has a keen eye and exhibits faultless attention to detail, following the publisher’s guidelines accurately. Her sensitive editing showed me that she had read and understood the characters and the themes of my story and used her experience and skills to make sure that my book became exactly what I had wanted it to be. She was honest, straightforward and truly cared about my book. I highly recommend her as an editor and would never hesitate to work with her again."

~ Ann Harth, author, The Art of Magic
(Solstice Publishing, July 2012)

"She is without a doubt one of the best editors I know. She has the ability to not only edit a document for grammar and punctuation but to also suggest changes to content without affecting the voice of the characters or the rhythm of the story. I sincerely believe that her edits to my professional and personal writings have enabled me to be a stronger writer. Working with her is like working with a friend who understands what you are trying to convey with words on a page."
~ Jhai James, author, The Go-Between
(unpublished novel)