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Resume Preparation

So, you've found a job listing and want to apply. You might not have a resume at all, or you might not have updated your resume in a number of years. Your resume, cover letter, and other application materials are as important as an ad that runs on TV to promote a company -- they are selling you! With my personal attention, I will help you avoid common pitfalls and land that dream job in no time!

Step 1: Planning
What do you want to do with yourself? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Skills? Major accomplishments? What are the requirements of the job? What is your work experience? I will meet with you to help you answer those questions and more.

Step 2: Writing & Design
After we meet, I will craft your resume and cover letter based on your experience and the job requirements. Not only will I write your resume and cover letter, but I will also design it so it will look as good as it sounds -- and reflect you and your unique personality.

Step 3: Review & Approval
Of course, you will review the materials to make sure they accurately include your experience and expertise. Once you approve your resume & cover letter, I will provide you with a Word document (.doc) and PDF so you can easily apply for jobs, either online or by mail.

Interview Preparation
Of course, just getting your resume ready may not be enough. I can also conduct mock interviews so you can practice for the real thing.

My rates are much less than the typical resume-building service, and I provide much better results. Contact me to get started!