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The latest person to subject himself to The Questions is author Tim Queeney. I met him in my awesome online writers’ group, and he is très funny. Some of Tim’s recent comments include: “Bacon is a demigod in many cultures”, “Being a kabillionaire means never having to say you’re sorry”, and “Never accept a blow to the head with a brass vase”. All very wise thoughts.

He recently won a Kindle Fire as part of Dr. Shay West’s book launch, who answered The Questions mere days ago – on 8/27! Yay for Tim! Now on to…

The Questions

13. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

A night owl because I estimate time poorly. Let me explain. I usually start out the night with the idea that there is plenty of time to do all sorts of things: write, edit, answer email, write email, check my texts, go on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, my Facebook author page, my Goodreads page, make popcorn, watch a movie, read on my Kindle, build a coffee table, have a drink, back up my computer, write an epic poem, practice fencing, play some backgammon, stay well hydrated, ride a motorcycle in the cage of death, start my own school of philosophy, make candles. When 9pm rolls around I say, “Plenty of time left.” When 10pm arrives, I’m not worried. At 11pm, I feel the night is still young. At midnight, I’m thinking I still have a big chunk of time stretching out before me. Then 1am rolls around and I realize, “Damn, I’ve got to get to sleep!”

(dSavannah note: hmmm…. Anyone else notice that Tim didn’t share whether or not he accomplished any of those things on his list?)

18. Your work space: neat or messy?

Messy. But with an asterisk. I fully intend to tidy shit up, I do. Some day my office will be cleaner than a Wall Street bailout. But I just haven’t had time to actually start tidying. This could be a moral failing.

19. What is one of your pet peeves?

Folks who hug the yellow line when they’re gonna turn right. Then they slow down until they could push their car through the turn faster. Never sure if this maneuver was simply an excess of caution, or was just to drive me crazy.

(dSavannah note: Yup, this one makes me crazy too. How about the people who turn RIGHT before actually turning left? Or the people who brake on a slight incline? Or the people who leave their blinker on for miles and miles? How, exactly, do they not notice this?!?!?!)

21. What one place in the whole entire world would you never go, not for love or money?

The center of the Earth. My doctor has cautioned me to avoid high-pressure situations.

22. Would you rather be lost in the forest, the desert, the ocean, or deep space?

The ocean. With three sticks and some rubber bands you can make a crude sextant and measure the rough angle of the sun above the horizon. With this info and a basic knowledge of the sun’s declination (varies from 23.5 degrees north to 23.5 degrees south over the course of the year) you could determine your latitude. Once you know your latitude, you would be able to perish from starvation and exposure with much more confidence.

(dSavannah note: Thanks for sharing this potentially panic-saving information.)

25. What causes/non-profits are near and dear to your heart? Why?

Cancer research. I lost my oldest brother to cancer. He was my best friend and he died way too young. Would be great if that didn’t happen to anyone else.

26. I wish I was rich enough to ____?

Buy all the Powerball tickets to guarantee that I would win Powerball.

32. Given the uphill climb to get recognition and sales why do you keep coming back?

Because like all inner-driven writers, I’ve got plenty of stories I want to tell. So I’ll continue to put out books no matter the sales (although, I’m certainly not offended if you buy my books).

About Tim:

A writer interested in a variety of genres (lousy attention span), I currently have two books available for sale on Amazon: George in London, a funny historical novel; and The SHIVA Compression, a Perry Helion thriller that brings the world to the brink of World War III. A second Perry Helion book, The Atlas Fracture, will be out soon.

In addition to writing books, I am a magazine editor, filmmaker, celestial navigation instructor, a dad and offshore sailor. I also write a news satire site called Height of Eye. HofE, which provides the latest in nonsensical news and curdled current events, is currently on a well-earned sabbatical and will return tanned, rested and ready.

I live in Maine and can hear the foghorns of three lighthouses when the fog rolls in — and when my black lab finds herself on the wrong side of the door.

Find Tim:

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5 Responses to The Questions with Tim Queeney: writer

  1. Mike says:

    Fantastic interview! Title of Tim’s next book: Why I’ll never marry Jules Verne

  2. Tim Queeney says:

    I feel like I’ve passed a major life hurdle in answering dSavannah’s questions. Everything will be a piece of cake after this. Thanks for the opportunity to appear on your blog, Lady Savannah!

  3. Still laughing. Tim is a genius. *snicker* I’ll be chuckling about some of his answers all day.

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