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#AtoZchallenge2014 ~ Reflections


dSavannah note: I have been working on this post for what seems like weeks. Okay, when I consult the calendar, I guess it has been weeks… Since before the end of the challenge on April 30 and when I posted The Questions with my erstwhile partner, Chad Clark. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I’m a teacher. End of school year arrived, with the resultant craziness. And it also meant I needed to grade my students’ Final Projects. Plus, as usually happens, lots of other stuff descended at the same time. Which meant this post got pushed off til… well… now. And I even missed the deadline to post this on the #AtoZchallenge2014 site. *shrugs* What can you do?  So, without further, ahem, … Continue reading

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The Questions with Chad Clark: writer and #AtoZchallenge2014 partner


Holy cannoli. My last entry for The Questions was July 2013. Ten months ago. Wow. I am feeling like a major slacker right about now. Or that I’ve been majorly busy. Actually, that’s it. Majorly busy. Life. Work. The pursuit of ways to support my eating habit. {In other news, I’m accepting applications for a patron… } As you are more than well aware, for the month of April, I participated in the #AtoZchallenge2014, writing 26 posts corresponding with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Per my usual, I basically just rambled with no rhyme or reason or plan or, in some cases, actually having a coherent thought. For this endeavor, I had a partner to cheer me on: Chad Clark. Unlike myself, Chad had … Continue reading

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Z is for…


Z is for Zee End The letter Z is for many things, but in my world (at least today), it stands for three things in particular. Of course, it doesn’t really stand for “Zee End”… just the end of this blogging challenge, the end of April, the end of cheering on my challenge partner, Chad Clark, who in addition to his usual writing, did this challenge with me and wrote stories about 26 monsters, most of which (whom?) I’d never even heard of. So I learned a lot. (I’ll save my ramblings on the challenge for the “Reflections” post, which is to be published on May 5. And in a couple days, I’ll publish Chad’s answers to The Questions, so you can learn more about … Continue reading

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Y is for…


Y could be for a lot of things. I considered writing about the actual word why, and sharing my favorite song by the fabulous Will Smith – most especially his song “Why“, which is one of my favorites and very powerful. But, I’m trying to end this blog on an upbeat note (pun intended), and that song is kinda sad. It starts by talking about the morning of 9/11, and goes from there… I also had a couple other ideas that actually start with the letter Y, only I’ve managed to forget them all… And then it hit me (not too hard, thankfully), the perfect topic: Y is for Year End As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Visiting Instructor at the local university. (“Visiting” just means … Continue reading

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X is for…


X is for Xylophone! Wow. I canna believe it, but this is my third-from-the-last post for the #AtoZchallenge2014. That means, it’s my, erm, *counts fingers and toes*, 24th blog post this very month! I am ever ever so proud of myself and my partner-in-words, my compatriot and cheerleader, Chad Clark, for sticking with it. Words are easy to come by, but not always easy to put together coherently (hence my “H” and “V” posts). Course, I can’t promise that this short ramble about this little musical instrument will be coherent. After all, it’s Monday, April 28 at 12:04am, after a long day of grading. And I could use a massage. But anywho… My grandparents were both very musical. My great-grandmother taught piano, and I have … Continue reading

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W is for…


The wind blew, and you won’t believe what happened next! Just kidding…  I’m obviously poking fun at all of the videos that plague my Facebook feed. I mean, some of the videos are actually super-cute, but actually, having not just fallen off the turnip truck, I can believe what happens next! And that hyperbolic headline writing just makes me not watch said video. Which is sad, cuz that video could indeed be the very video that actually does change my life for the better. (Tho I doubt it.) (And I guess said “videos” could have been my “V” topic, but oh well.) Anywho, I digress: W is for Word Origins If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love love love words. (Hence my tagline: … Continue reading

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V is for…


As of the time of this writing, Thursday, April 24, Anno Domini 2014, 11:20:24pm, I say unto thee, verily, I doth not know what V is for. And, upon the time of this new writing, Friday, April 25, Anno Domini 2014, 7:15:24pm, I say unto thee, verily, I still doth not know what V is for, nor what topic I should choose and write about it. And thus, rather than racking (wracking?) (wrecking?) my poor brain, which has suffereth lo these past few days with a migraine of evil, I shall publish this post and be done with it. For those who doth eagerly anticipate my ramblings, and have thus far enjoyed my participation in this here #AtoZchallenge2014, tomorrow, the letter W, shall be far … Continue reading

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