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I can imagine that turning into a butterfly hurts. Not so much the cocooning – the wrapping yourself up in a warm dark place – But waking, blinking and disoriented, in a different state – every fundamental thing about you transformed – then the struggle to be released from where you put yourself. The unfolding of new, damp wings. The flexing of muscles you didn’t know you had. But Oh! The glory of that first flight – bird song in your ears sun in your face the horizon vast and welcoming. (20 March 2004; © D. Savannah George) I wrote that poem well over a decade ago, never expecting that I myself might one day feel like I am struggling to become a beautiful butterfly. … Continue reading

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The Questions with Samantha Bryant: writer

The characters in Going Through the Change... intriguing, eh?

As you probably have (not) noticed, I haven’t been blogging (again). I’ve been dealing with my health issues, and trying to sleep, and crying a lot. But that’s not why we’re here today, and I’ll tell you about that in a (probably much) later post. I actually meant to publish this edition of The Questions back at the beginning of May, because today’s featured author, Samantha Bryant, was one of my partner’s for the #AtoZChallenge in April. But of course, I didn’t get there… and then Samantha asked if I could publish the interview in conjunction with a promotion for her debut novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, and I said “sure!”. Of course, I almost *missed* said promotion, because well, the … Continue reading

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More thoughts on insomnia…


First of all, thank you to everyone who has sent me messages, commented on this post or the post on FB, etc. I now have a list of things to research as I get the energy. The biggest suggestion seems to be acupuncture… and it sucks that it isn’t covered by my insurance. (I’m discovering that if something might actually help, it’s not covered.) Luckily, my doctor’s practice has an acupuncturist on site, and hopefully will be willing to work with me on payment. (If not, I’ll search for another solution.) So, why am I writing about insomnia again? Because, of course, I’m suffering it again after being up all night last night, because I fell asleep around 1pm and slept til bedtime – when … Continue reading

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Yet another sleepless night…

The storm on my wedding day.

This sucks. This really really sucks. This is making me insane. Insaner. More insane. What is *this*? It’s my health. Specifically, my inability to sleep. And most specifically, my back. My back which feels like a migraine, or a tornado, or a cyclone, or some other horrible act of nature has taken up residence and refuses to leave. Not for nothing. Not for a $70 prescription pain cream, not for 1/2 a tube of $8 arnica, not for $45 prescription pain meds, or OTC pain pills, or heavy duty prescription painkillers. Not for epsom salt baths, or massages from hubs (tho they knock it back a bit), or visits to the chiropractor (ditto; but I can’t afford to go see him every day). I’ve now … Continue reading

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GNU Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee

It seems there has been an awful lot of deaths this year. I personally have sent out, oh, six or eight sympathy cards in the past few months, when last year, it was one. A dear friend’s sister was killed in a car accident. Another friend’s papa died. The aunt and uncle of another friend died, both within a few days of each other. Then we lost Terry Pratchett, one of my very favorite authors, in March. And then, as if that loss wasn’t enough, another wonderful voice has left us: Tanith Lee, a prolific British writer for over 40 years, who died this past Sunday at the young age of 67. She was only nine months older than Sir Terry, who by the way, … Continue reading

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The Questions with Chuck Walsh: writer


A long time ago (late 2012) and far away (Arkansas), I worked for a publisher doing book editing. I got assigned a baseball book by this dude named Chuck Walsh. And, except for my childhood crush on the Braves, I didn’t know a thing about baseball. Which I’m sure drove Chuck nuts, as I was all the time asking him questions like, “What is this {weird baseball term I don’t know}?” Except, lo and behold, I fell in love with this book. Seriously. Fell. In. LOVE. Because this book, A Splintered Dream, is way more than “just” a baseball book. It’s a book about second chances. And heart. And soul. And sadness. And love. And death. And life. And family. And lemme tell you, I … Continue reading

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My first #IWSG post


What the heck is #IWSG, you might ask…. well, it stands for Insecure Writer’s Support Group, and I discovered them last month while doing the #AtoZChallenge. #IWSG is posted by a various group of bloggers the the first Wednesday of every month. As the site says: “Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic.” Today, as I am tired (darn insomnia last night), I shall offer a bit of funny and a wee bit of encouragement.  I have long thought of writing a series of posts on “So You Want to Be a Writer”, so this will fit right in. And, it’ll (hopefully) get to me to publish something at least once a month. :)  … Continue reading

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