About The Questions…

Okay, in starting this blog, I knew I wanted to have guest posts with authors and writers and artists and musicians and other creative-types that I dig. But I didn’t want it to be a “normal” interview where I ask them set questions and they answer. Or a normal guest post where they write something and I just post it.

So, in my own quirky way, I came up with The Questions. I send the possible guest a list of questions (the first list I sent out had 30 on it; I’m now up to 49) and let them choose seven of them – the ones that tickle their fancy and they want to answer. Of course, sometimes authors can’t count, so they send me six. Or eight. Or answers to all of them. Because I hate to stifle their thoughts, I’m running them as I receive them.  :) And, as much as it may pain me, I don’t edit what I receive, unless the error is just so egregious that I can’t help myself.

Please note that I may or may not have read / listened to what the artist has written / created. But something about them and what they offer intrigued me, so I invited them to be a guest. I hope you enjoy what they share!

Those Who Have Answered

#TeamOrange Editions

Note: Same as above, but with special questions just for #TeamOrange members

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