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The Questions with Samantha Bryant: writer

The characters in Going Through the Change... intriguing, eh?

As you probably have (not) noticed, I haven’t been blogging (again). I’ve been dealing with my health issues, and trying to sleep, and crying a lot. But that’s not why we’re here today, and I’ll tell you about that in a (probably much) later post. I actually meant to publish this edition of The Questions back at the beginning of May, because today’s featured author, Samantha Bryant, was one of my partner’s for the #AtoZChallenge in April. But of course, I didn’t get there… and then Samantha asked if I could publish the interview in conjunction with a promotion for her debut novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, and I said “sure!”. Of course, I almost *missed* said promotion, because well, the … Continue reading

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Z is for…


…Zee End Yeah, I know it’s kinda cheating to say that, but I did it last year too, and I didn’t get smacked by the Blogging from A to Z people, so since I’m completely gobsmacked exhausted, I’m sticking with it. Because, yeah, here we are at “Z” end of the April blogging challenge. There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. Times I’d wrack my brain and worry I wouldn’t have a single thing to write about, and even tho I was late some days (which made my deadline-loving self twitch), I still wrote something for every letter. Maybe not anything good, but still. Wrote. Something. For the Z topic, Kyle suggested I write about “Zingiberaceous”, but since I can’t pronounce it and … Continue reading

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Y is for…


…Yearning All of us have these things we want desperately, that we yearn for. And of course, those yearnings change as we get older. Or not. For instance, a yearning I have had since high school was to own a 1965 Fire Engine Red Mustang Convertible with White Top. I even had a chance to own one, but I passed it up. (A decision I totally regret.) Yearnings that stay the same throughout our lives include the desire for love, warmth, food and comfort – tho we may not call some of them ‘yearnings’ until we don’t get them. The yearning for love of course gets super-great when our hormones start rushing around in puberty, and we tend to think we’re worthless if we don’t … Continue reading

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X is for…


…X-Rays We all know what x-rays are, right? Sure we do, just like we know what electricity is. (We really don’t.) As (probably) mentioned, I had to get x-rays of my back recently because it’s hurting me so {bad word} {bad word} much, so I decided that x-rays should be my topic for X. Cuz, why not? I mean, they are really quite cool, if you think about it! They can see right through our skin to our bones underneath. For funsies, I consulted my 1921 edition of Collier’s New Encyclopedia, and under “X-Ray”, it directed me to see “Roentgen Rays”. So I returned book 10 to the shelf and pulled out book 8 (“Resp to Soviet”), and winding my way to page 90, found … Continue reading

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W is for…


…Widdershins What in the heck is “widdershins”, you’re probably asking? Well, according to the book of the same name by Charles de Lint (my other Very Favorite Author), “to walk ‘widdershins’ is to walk counterclockwise or backward around something. It’s a classic pathway into the fairy realm. It’s also the way people often back slowly into the relationships that matter, the real ones that make for a life.” So why did I pick widdershins as my topic for W? Because, although the other topics suggested to me were all good possibilities (“writing, whimpering, whines, worries, Wondering. Wandering. Wonderful. Willful. Water. Waste. Waffle House.”), this one struck me when I came in my studio just now to lay on the floor and stretch my back (because, ow, … Continue reading

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V is for…


…Vision My dear Brandi suggested “Vision” for my “V” word (along with “Value. Vibrance. Vagabond. Vivid.”; “Volcano” and “Vengeance” were also suggested, but I forget by who. Sorry, dear readers!). And vision just seemed perfect, because, well, I’ve had vision problems, which I’m sure comes as a shock </sarcasm> to my readers. It also seemed like the perfect topic because I wrote a note about it on my Facebook page a while ago, and I figured I could just grab it and tweak it a little and be done, and move on to “W”. Also, Brandi herself has had vision problems all her life with misaligned eyes, which were corrected this January via surgery… and I figured I could grab a few quotes off the … Continue reading

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U is for…


…Ugly “Ugly” If you’re ugly, I am ugly too In your eyes the sky’s a different blue If you could see yourself like others do You’d wish you were as beautiful as you And I wish I was a camera sometimes So I could take your picture with my mind Put it in a frame for you to see How beautiful you really are to me Ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that some days Ain’t no rainbow in the sky, when you feel U.G.L.Y. And that’s ugly, yeah yeah yeah Ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that some days Ain’t no rainbow in the sky, when you feel U.G.L.Y. And that’s ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that … Continue reading

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