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When I moved to Harrison, Arkansas, the first thing I did was look for a writers’ group. I’d belonged to a wonderful one in Atlanta, and know how great it is to have the support and feedback of other writers. I couldn’t find one, so, along with a poet (who happened to work with my hubby), started our very own writers’ critique group. (It is now defunct, sadly, but it did serve its purpose of helping writers find each other.)

K.D. moved back to Harrison from Missouri a year or so later (I think; I can’t actually remember, nor can I find my binder from the group), and she looked for a writers’ group to join. She found me. I’ll never forget her calling and trying to find our location, which granted, was a little obscure. I didn’t know where she was, and she didn’t know where I was, and we probably were a bit snippy with each other, but she eventually found our little group… and for some reason, stayed my friend.

And she’s now got a bunch of books out, including the “Confessions of April Grace” series (check out the three covers, above) and a bunch more coming out, including the cozy mystery Eastgate Keeps on Singing (cover on the far right, above), coming soon.

I’m featuring her today for The Questions to celebrate the release of the third April Grace book, Chocolate-Covered Baloney. I also want everyone to participate in a fun contest on Facebook that ends November 13, the *official* launch date. Two lucky people will win an autographed copy of the book! Just follow the link and do what it says!

And, just a couple days ago, April Grace got featured on Cara Michael’s blog! Be sure to hop over and give it a read! Now, on to…

The Questions

4. What’s the worst meal you’ve ever eaten and where?

The first time I ate pizza was in our elementary school lunch room. It was so nasty and gross that I went home and threw up, and I don’t believe I ate pizza again until I was nearly an adult and realized it wasn’t supposed to be slimy and oily and taste like it had been created in a pit. An armpit.

5. What skill(s) do you wish you’d learned as a kid?

Social skills. I’m still hopeless at parties, scouring around in my head for something interesting, significant, or fun to talk about. Usually, I just stand there, mute, my brain as lax as my tongue.

14. Obviously, as a creative person, every day is different, but what do you find yourself doing every day?

Every day I write something. I try to make it a “productive” something. Every day I wish I had chocolate. Every day I watch an episode of Andy Griffith or Northern Exposure. I don’t know why. Just ’cause.

15. What inspires you?

Better to ask “What does not inspire you?” I find ideas in everything, good and bad.

19. What is one of your pet peeves?

Interruptions while I’m writing. This leads to notions of homicide and/or divorce.

dSavannah note: K.D. got so annoyed with people knocking on her door that she hung this sign. She posted the photo on her Facebook page with the note: “Apparently this sign is invisible. Otherwise why would we want to buy magazines from someone who can’t read?? (BTW, the author did not respond, as promised, but the author’s hubs did.)” This makes me happy that I live up on a mountain and only friends come to my door.

20. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I believe there was never a time when I didn’t know this. Simply put, a writer is who and what I am, and I’ve never doubted it, not for a single moment.

24. If you could go back and give your 13-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be?

You are fine, just the way you are.

24a. What about your 20-year-old self?

Stand up for yourself and stop letting someone else dictate what you do and how you feel.

24b. Your 30-year-old self?

You’re on the right track. Keep going.

24c. 40?

Don’t let the nay-sayers get you down. Fight back. Stick with your dream and never give up.

About K.D.:

This is a photo of K.D. Guess who took it! Okay, I’ll tell you. It was me! Photo by D. Savannah George.

K.D. McCrite writes family-friendly fiction. Her work has appeared in regional and national magazines, and she has won several short story awards. She’s also the author of the “Confessions of April Grace” series. It’s marketed to tweens, but as K.D. says, “really every age and gender enjoys these funny books.” (dSavannah note: I know I do!) April Grace is published by Thomas Nelson. The first book in her new cozy mystery series, Eastgate Keeps on Singing, will be released soon by Mitchell Morris Publishing. K.D. lives in the Arkansas Ozarks.

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3 Responses to The Questions with K.D. McCrite: writer

  1. Betsy says:

    I am so glad to see the Questions answered by KD. I was privileged enough to meet KD (thanks to Debbie). KD is a wonderful person, but would Debbie hang out with anyone who is not? I think not! I absolutely LOVE the April Grace (AG) series. Here is my review (as on Goodreads) of In Front of God and Everbody:

    I cannot believe how much I LOVED In Front of God and Everybody. A friend of mine recommended the book, and I am so glad she did. The book is categorized as Young Adult/Teen, but believe me, adults will enjoy this charming story just as much. You will be drawn into the story from the first chapter. April Grace is a 11-yr old firecracker whose story makes you laugh out loud. She is a proud-to-be-from-the-country girl who does not understand why anyone would want to live any other way. Her family consists of her loving parents who try to be friends to everyone, her sister MyraSue, April Grace’s exact opposite, who thinks city life is glamorous, and her Granny who I am pretty sure is where April Grace gets her spunk. The story begins with the arrival of the new neighbors, Ian and Isabel. Ian grew up in the area and moved his city wife and him from California to the Ozarks so he could return to his roots. Other neighbors consist of Temple and Forest who are hippies that April Grace is sure never shower. Lastly, Granny has a new boyfriend, Mr. Rance. You can only imagine what her favorite granddaughter thinks about that! K.D. McCrite does a wonderful job of introducing the cast of characters, developing them, and describing the Ozarks locale. Growing up in the ’80′s, I especially enjoyed all the little mentions of music and TV from the era. Reading the confessions of April Grace will not only put a smile on your face but also in your heart. I have already ordered #2 in the series, Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks and cannot wait to read it.

    Cliques, Sticks, and Ugly Sticks is just as charming as the first book in the series. I have to catch up on my reviews though (I’m am the queen of procrastination). I have started Chocolate-Covered Baloney. KD and AG continue to keep me smiling. I am thrilled to be allowed to see a glimpse of AG’s life.

    Thanks to KD for creating such an enjoyable and memorable character.

  2. What a great interview! I enjoyed learning a little more about you K.D. and D.Savannah, I love that photo of her.

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