The Questions with Ann Harth: writer & editor

I had this lovely intro written about how I met my next victim for The Questions, but she chose to answer question #1, which pretty much explains everything. So, I’ll just say, Ann Harth writes books and short stories for children and also offers manuscript assessments, editing services and ghostwriting. And she lives in Australia, and fosters baby animals I’d never heard of.

The Questions

1. Tell the good readers of this blog how we know each other.

Art of MagicI met Debbie when she became my editor for my latest middle-grade novel. We seemed to connect immediately (and not only because she liked my writing). She’s a wonderful editor with great sensitivity and a knack for emphasizing detail that enhances the big picture.

(dSavannah note: Thanks, Ann! That’s totally my goal as an editor. That novel is called The Art of Magic. Also, Ann is dead wrong. I LOVE her writing! I LOVE this book! Read my review to see how much. And yeah, we connected. I adore Ann. I could say more squooshy mooshy stuff, but I’ll resist.)

3. If you could trade places with anyone for a week, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Louisa May Alcott. I long for the time when I could sit in my cold, lantern lit room and simply create, chilblains forming as quickly as words. Marketing and selling tools were not an issue. Writing spoke for itself and became popular, or not, on its own merit. Louisa May Alcott probably didn’t know much about social networking either.

21. What one place in the whole entire world would you never go, not for love or money?

Dental school. (dSavannah note: This truly made me LOL!)

22. Would you rather be lost in the forest, the desert, the ocean, or deep space?

I’d rather be lost in the forest, possibly because this has already happened to me so I now have countless bits of useful and useless advice that will be put to good use (although I doubt I will be scaling trees and tying myself to the trunk for a good night’s sleep). A friend and I were only lost for three hours or so, but, with my six-week-old son in my backpack, it was enough to make my knees wobble.

18. Your work space: neat or messy?

To the untrained eye, my workspace is messy. However, I know exactly where everything is, how long it’s been there and probably how long it will stay there.

6. What do you want on your tombstone?

Ann Harth, struggling author, survived by everyone she loved. NOW her books are priceless.

24. If you could go back and give your 13-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Run faster and jump higher.

24a. What about your 20-year-old self?

Study harder and write more.

24b. Your 30-year-old self?

Enjoy this time and write more.

24c. 40?

Don’t worry about sleeping; write, read, write, read and then write.

(dSavannah note: All of this advice is awesome!!!)

About Ann

Ann Harth

Ann in the Kimberley, northwestern Australia. A true wilderness!

Although she studied psychology at college, Ann discovered her real passion was writing for children. Her first short story was published 10 years ago in Highlights for Children, a great thrill, as it was a magazine she’d loved as a child. (dSavannah note: me too!)

Since then she’s had a number of fiction and non-fiction books published in the educational market and contributed 120 short stories to Innovations for Learning, an educational program for inner city schools. In July of this year, The Art of Magic, her first middle-grade novel, was published. (dSavannah note: Have I mentioned I LOVE this book and you MUST read it?!??!)

Although born and bred in the US, Ann now resides in Australia and tutors writing courses for Australian College of Journalism.

Find Ann:

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    You are my hero! Smooshy and mooshy stuff right back.


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    How cool are you! And I even think I am getting a mention…..Next will be radio interview and then tv. You are famous my friend xoxoxoxRiette

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    What can I say other than BRILLIANT…I am so happy for you, totally chuffed….Living your dream with passion….Excellente…Well deserved

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