The Questions with Jennifer Gracen: #TeamOrange edition


Karen Jen 4.28.13If you haven’t figured it out yet from the numerous posts on the subject, I am a proud member of #TeamOrange, a group of writers who banded together to create the anthology Orange Karen: A Tribute to a Warrior, with all proceeds going to help fellow writer Karen DeLabar and her family pay for medical expenses associated with her bout with Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Guest #8 for the #TeamOrange edition of The Questions is the lovely and talented Jennifer Gracen. She and I are sisters of the red pen – which means we are both editors. (She does copy editing and I do content editing.) She’s also a writer and an all-around great gal.

<----- This fantastic photo is of Orange Karen herself (left) and Jennifer (right) taken on April 28 (yes, less than a week ago)! I’m so glad Jennifer shared it with me so I can share it with all of my wonderful readers. This photo makes my heart so very very happy!

The #TeamOrange Questions

a. How/why are you a member of #TeamOrange?

Karen DeLabar is my best friend.

(dSavannah note: Jennifer also wrote the Foreword to the anthology.)

b. What is the title of your story? Describe it in 25 words or less.

My story is called “Killing The Fantasy”. It’s a romance about two forty-somethings who meet on Twitter, become friends, then become more. It’s also about how powerful words and mental images can be.

(dSavannah note: Indeed they can be.)

e. If you had enough money to name a building after Karen, what kind of building would it be?

I would build a rec center, where they have a gym, offer singing and dance lessons, and have a child care center with fun programs for kids. Everything she’d want in one place.

g. What was your first reaction when you held the book in your hands (either the ebook or paperback)?

Awe, pride, relief, overwhelmed. That I’d finally done it, gotten published. And, also as a member of the Orange Karen Anthology committee/board/what have you, just unbelievable pride that all our hopes and hard work had finally come to fruition, and I was holding the tangible proof of it.

(dSavannah note: You should be proud. It’s a wonderful achievement.)

The (Regular) Questions

2c. If your phone lets you have custom ringtones, what song do you use for your significant other?

Beastie Boys (his fave group), “What’Cha Want

5. What skill(s) do you wish you’d learned as a kid?

I took piano lessons 3 separate times, and guitar lessons once, but didn’t stick with either. Wish I could play either or both of them now. Also wish I hadn’t been so terrified of the water and learned how to swim. I still haven’t conquered that one.

7. What was the name of your first pet and what was it?

Two little goldfish, named Donny and Marie. I was 6 or 7. Now I’ve aged myself, LOL.

(dSavannah note: I’ve actually met Donny. He is extremely handsome in person, even more so than his pictures. He is also a super-nice guy. And I guess I’ve aged myself too!)

10. Who was the last person you texted? What did you say? Did they respond?

Funny enough, that would be one Karen DeLabar. Letting her know results on a test I’d taken. Of course she responded! Told me she loved me. Awww. :)

(dSavannah note: Aaawww.)

12. Where is your favorite place to create?

In my cave! At my desk, with my computer, in my pumpkin-colored room that looks out on the trees of my backyard, with my back to the door and my head in the zone. In quiet. My turf. My cave.

13. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I was a night owl my whole life… until I had kids. Then my body clock changed, through necessity (lack of sleep and then school schedules will do that). Now I’m a morning person. That’s when I have the most energy and get things accomplished.

14. Obviously, as a creative person, every day is different, but what do you find yourself doing every day?

After I get my kids off to school, I go online for an hour before I settle in to write. I sit with my coffee and check my Twitter and Facebook accounts, chat with people, check and answer emails… it’s how I ease into the day. Then I’m more awake, synapses are connecting, and I’m ready to write or edit.

15. What inspires you?

Beauty in nature – flowers, trees, picturesque views, etc. A perfect spring or fall day. Music. My kids. Other writers. Kindness. Strength. Intelligence. Talent. Tenacity. Determination. Possibility.

36. What is the first thing you remember creating as a child? Do you still have it?

Poems, and I illustrated them. My mom kept a few.

(dSavannah note: Writing is obviously what you are meant to do!)

About Jennifer:

Jennifer GracenJennifer Gracen writes contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction. She worked as a copy editor before choosing to stay home a decade ago to dedicate herself to being a full-time mother. She now does copy editing/proofreading on a freelance basis.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America (PRO status) and the Long Island Romance Writers (RWA Chapter 160).

When she isn’t spending time with her family and friends, copy editing, reading, or giving in to her Twitter and Facebook addictions, Jennifer is writing. She has completed five full-length novels and is currently working on her next book. Her short story in the Orange Karen Anthology marks her debut as a published author.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she lives there with her husband and two young sons.

Find Jennifer:

Learn more about the authors and Karen’s story:

Buy the Book:

The anthology is available in paperback for $14.95 and in ebook for $3.99.

  • CreateSpace – paperback (purchasing this version gives Karen and her family the most money)
  • Amazon – paperback
  • Amazon – kindle

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  1. Betsy says:

    Great introduction. I find it inspirational that Jennifer finds so many things inspiring.

    Jennifer, Karen is lucky to have a friend like you. I know you must be a wonderful support for her during this time.

    Thanks for sharing the picture of the two of you.

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