The Questions with Jason McIntyre: writer (pt. 2)

As promised, here are the next ten questions answered by writer Jason McIntyre, who I believe rambles even more than I do. Come back tomorrow for the final eleven questions. If you missed them, please go read Part 1.

The Questions, 11-20

14. Obviously, as a creative person, every day is different, but what do you find yourself doing every day?

Walking. My inspiration to move stories along comes from…physically moving. A lot of my messed up creativity also plops into my cranium while I’m driving the car.

(dSavannah note: Isn’t cranium plopping whilst driving illegal?)

15. What inspires you?

Sadly, the news. Colloquial stories from friends and co-workers informs the work. Travel is a big one too, as I tend to meet interesting people and find myself in rather unique situations when I go to different countries.

(dSavannah note: I’m surprised they let you have a passport.)

17. What is your biggest regret?

Not sharing my writing with strangers when I was seventeen. Or twenty.

18. Your work space: neat or messy?

Neat. I can’t write if there is a pile of papers or junk in the periphery.

19. What is one of your pet peeves?

The LOL Cheezburger catz.

(dSavannah note: For those of you who don’t know what he’s talking about, or who are a big fan, here’s a handy link to the site. You’re welcome. Of course, I much prefer And, oh dear. I went to grab the link and spent 30 minutes looking at the photos and laughing. The dog one. Not the stupid cat one.)

20. When did you know you wanted to be a writer/artist?

At birth. Or perhaps shortly thereafter. I just *am* one. Y’know?

(dSavannah note: Boy howdy. Do I ever. I mean, about me. Not you. As far as I know, I wasn’t anywhere around during your birth.)

21. What one place in the whole entire world would you never go, not for love or money?

Hell. If it truly is at the core of the earth, my hope is to avoid it by some clerical error.

(dSavannah note: Obviously you can only avoid it because of a clerical error. Ahem.)

22. Would you rather be lost in the forest, the desert, the ocean, or deep space?

Deep space — provided I have the proper accouterments such as air, water and food.

(dSavannah note: Wus.)

29. You have 24 hours left to live. How will you spend it?

With my kiddos and wife. I might send the dog to the neighbour’s.

29a. Turns out you heard the doctor wrong: you actually have 24 years left. How will you spend it?

Blast! I’ve got to start listening better! I’d spend the next twenty-four the same as the last twenty-four: going off my rocker to try and create things that are different from everyone else’s created things.

(dSavannah note: To go off your rocker, you must have had a rocker to begin with. Did you?)

About Jason:

The Night Walk Men by Jason McIntyreJASON MCINTYRE is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, plus the multi-layered literary suspense THALO BLUE. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards.

His debut novel ON THE GATHERING STORM is cited by readers as an ‘uncomfortably thrilling’ read and earned McIntyre a spot in the Top 20 Debut Authors for the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Currently in release is THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND — the latest installment in the THE NIGHT WALK MEN saga.

(dSavannah note: yesterday, Jason admitted his love of LOVE CAPITAL LETTERS.)

Find Jason:

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  1. Cheree Crump says:

    Personally I am a Dog person my self and add the fact that the Cat page froze my computer adds bonus points to the Dog site! lol
    Of course you would choose the one place that NO food, water and air are already provided!!! Really???!!! LOL

  2. Betsy says:

    Part Two is just as good as Part One. Jason definitely has the same hilarious sense of humor as Debbie.

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