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A.J. Aalto

I met A.J., aka ‘the writerghoulie’, online in my fabulous writers’ group. She has a wicked, wicked sense of humor that I totally get and enjoy.

And, although I haven’t actually read her books yet (bad me!) {in my defense, I’m barely reading anything right now}, the 109 reviews (4 star average!) for her first book, Touched, must mean she’s also an awesome writer! {Do you think I used enough parantheses and commas in that sentence?!?!?}  A.J.’s second book, Death Rejoices, was just released on April 24. And it has *nineteen* reviews, most of them five stars! (As of the date of this post…)

A.J. has graciously agreed to answer The Questions for us. (Or she was forced to by her editor. Either way, I’m okay with it.) I’ve snort-laughed all through preparing this post, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Questions

5. What skill(s) do you wish you’d learned as a kid?

I wish I’d learned to play the violin. Or shoot guns. Or both. I could totally be a violin-playing sharp shooter, though maybe not at the same time, unless I invented a 9mm Glock-Stradivarius automatic… (a Glockivarius?)…which would obviously be awesometarts.

(dSavannah note: Oh. Em. Gee. Totally. Awesomecookies.)

9. What is a guilty pleasure?

I am a dyed-in-the-wool hedonist, so pleasure itself is my guilty pleasure, and I will beg, borrow, lie, swipe, con, and steal to get pleasure in all its various forms. Secret pleasure is the best of all. I mean, I could just go buy a chocolate bar and eat it on the couch… but sometimes, I’ll steal a buck from my husband’s coat, buy a chocolate bar with all the stealth of a fetish burglar stealing underpants, and eat it slyly in my car, parked in a dark alley, then hide the wrapper so nobody will ever know. There may or may not be nefarious laughter involved in that scheme. I admit nothing and never will.

(dSavannah note: So, you haven’t thought about this at all, have you?)

39. What super power do you wish you had?

If I could, I’d start/control storms. A great, booming thunderstorm with wild wind and plenty of lightning is so exciting. I’d have one follow me around, and another just hang over my house as a warning to others. Also, having lightning shoot out of my fingertips would be pretty friggin’ handy for dealing with those slow people I always get stuck behind at the grocery store. <Zzzzzap!> Also-also, being able to punctuate my most serious pronouncements with rolling thunder would rock ass.

(dSavannah note: I agree; except I’d use the lightning on the slow cars and trucks and buses and work vans that get in front of me on the road. Also-also, I highly doubt you have any “serious pronouncements”.)

14. Obviously, as a creative person, every day is different, but what do you find yourself doing every day?

Monday to Friday, my day starts at 4 A.M. I leave my day job at 9, crank the tunes in the car, hit the Tim Horton’s drive thru, get myself an XL steeped tea w/2 milk and head home. This is the true start of my writing day, because the 20 minute drive gives my muse time to wake up and join me. Temporarily, I’m off work to take care of my daughter, who is ill; instead of getting up for work at 4 A.M., I write from 4 until she wakes up.

(dSavannah note: *four a.m*?!?!? That’s crazy. Well, if I’m up at that hour, it’s because I haven’t yet gone to sleep. So I’m not sure which of us is crazier… And, for those of you who don’t know, Tim Horton’s is the Canadian Starbucks. Or something.)

27. What five words best describe you?

Goofy. Guarded. Moody. Hedonistic. Determined.

26. I wish I was rich enough to ____?

Have a manservant. I’ve alllllways wanted a proper English butler in full uniform, white gloves and all. I would have him fetch me tea on a set schedule, and prepare my bubble baths, and read the newspapers to me while I soaked. Also, he would take care of the household staff while I finish my novels…and by staff, I mean my personal chefs and maids and the hunky shirtless pool boy.

(dSavannah note: Note that A.J. said “chefs”, as in plural, as in more than one. But only one pool boy. So presumably there will be more kitchens than pools at her place. Also, her book marketing manager found a page on facebook where she can hire herself a sexy butler.)

35. Tell me one random fact about you that not a lot of people know.

I have a terribly sensitive sense of smell. A nice aroma can literally make me woozy with happiness. I love men’s aftershave and cologne, and will sometimes wear theirs instead of my own perfume. I keep each of my characters’ personal scents on my desk, and dab them on while I write a scene where they are the focus. I am absolutely a “stop and smell the roses” girl, and grow several fragrant varieties in my garden, in addition to lilacs and peonies. There are scented candles in every room in my home. I’m the first to smell smoke at a fire. If you’ve had alcohol, I can smell it coming through your pores, maybe before you can. If you own a dog, I know it. If you fart in front of me, I will be more offended than most people. I like some weird smells, too — gasoline and bleach, male sweat and fresh-turned dirt. And sometimes, when no one is looking, I stick my face in an old book and snarf the paper. *grin*

(dSavannah note: Okay, everybody who’s cool snarfs the paper in old books. My hubby has a sensitive sniffer too… but generally he doesn’t like smells. And he can tell what is rotting in the garbage disposal days before I even remember we have a garbage disposal!)

About A.J.:

A.J. AaltoA.J. Aalto is the author of Touched and Death Rejoices, books 1 and 2 of the paranormal mystery series The Marnie Baranuik Files. Aalto is an unrepentant liar and a writer of blathering nonsense offset by factual gore. There’s a possibility that A.J. is currently standing in front of her bathroom mirror snort-giggling at exploratory homemade zombie noises, like all horror writers are wont to do. A fan of saprophytic harmony, blatant carnivoracity, skin slippage, and the lovely bloat of putrefaction, she can usually be found lurking in underwater caverns, waiting for unsuspecting divers. Rumour has it that A.J. Aalto is the secret cause of Rapture of the Deep – but it’s likely she started that rumour herself.

(dSavannah note: Please forgive her for the extra ‘u’s. A.J. is Canadian. She can’t help herself. Also, I snort-giggled at her bio. For realsies.)

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