#dSavannahDefects – I is for… (pt 1)

I… insistent

Hello my dear and faithful readers, I am (obviously) posting late for ye ole letter “I”, and I’m sorry to inform you all that it will also be a lacking post, because I am exhausted and hurting (which I will [possibly] explain in a later blog post) and upset (which I will explain further in a minute), but because of my, erm, je ne sais quoi, stubbornness, rather my insistence in not breaking my #AtoZChallenge chain, I am writing.

It also – {string of expletives that would make a sailor blush} – seems that everything is conspiring to keep me from writing tonight! Which is why I am upset!  (There is apparently no good synonym for “upset” which starts with “I”; the only one I could find quickly was “inflame”, which works, but most people will think it’s my joints. Which, actually, it is, but mainly my spirit at the moment.)

First, I was sitting on my bed with my laptop in my lap to check email and blogs and comments on my blog and whatnot, because it’s slightly more comfortable (sometimes) than sitting at my desk, and I reached over and knocked an {expletive} full {expletive} glass of {expletive} water over on my {expletive} nightstand.

You would have thought I had flooded a bathtub. So. Much. Water. And of course, it went all over my nightstand and over the adorable book I am reading right now (an ARC [advanced readers' copy] of Far From Fair), a book of meditations, and the latest People magazine (which I didn’t even want; I wanted a copy of the latest Entertainment Weekly for the Gilmore Girls cover, but hubs couldn’t find it anywhere, and he thought I just wanted something brainless to read, so he got me People. Sweet, wasn’t he?). (And yes, I read lots of different things…)

There is practically NOTHING WORSE that could happen to a book than for it to get wet. The pages stick together; depending on the ink, it could run together; and after drying, the pages are ripply like an ocean floor.

dsavannah_defects_noballsAlso, my illnesses and medications make me really really thirsty all the time, and I am not supposed to drink tap water because the chemicals in tap water paralyze the cilia in my throat and esophagus and prevent the cilia from doing their job. (The cilia site explains: “They work, for instance, to keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt, allowing us to breathe easily and without irritation.”) The paralyzed cilia also makes it more difficult for my body to do its detoxification. So we have to buy spring water (when we aren’t, for some reason, able to get it from hubs’ parents well).

So not only did I ruin a couple books (a cardinal sin, in my humble opinion), but I also cost us money that we don’t have!

So, I knocked over the water, said my string of expletives, and burst into tears.

Which gave me a headache.

And started trying to clean up, sobbing like a … sobbing thing. Hubs was kind enough to do the heavy lifting while I dried off the other stuff on my nightstand.


THEN, to add insult to injury, when I went back to my desk to plug in my laptop (it’s so old, the battery doesn’t last long, plus, I was now afeared of being a giant klutz again and spilling water on the bed), I saw a GIANT and I mean GIANT palmetto bug (looks like a roach, but can fly) crawling up the wall behind my desk.

Can you say “ew” and “gross” and {additional string of expletives}.

So hubs to the rescue again with the bug killer spray stuff. Which meant I had to move. AGAIN. So he could deal with the uglyscarygross thing.

But, I insisted on writing, so the above rambly mess is what you get.

Things I am insistent about in general:

  • do what you say you will; keep your promises!
  • do more good than harm
  • put good things in (your body, the world, your friendships & relationships)
  • good care, whether it’s from a doctor or wait staff or clerk at a store
  • doing the best you can at all times
  • owning up to and apologizing for mistakes, and learning from them and not doing them again
  • don’t be a jerk
  • chocolate
  • good grammar
  • don’t leave a mess
  • if you start a load of laundry, FINISH it…all the way to out of the dryer and folded
  • return books if I bother to loan them to you (which is rare)
  • appreciate the little things in life
  • be kind to everyone

There are more “I” topics I want to write about, but that will be in part 2 (publication TBD).

#AtoZers, once again I apologize that I haven’t read or tweeted your “H” or “I” posts. I am soo enjoying your challenge efforts so far, and will hopefully get caught up soon.

And people who have commented on my blog, thank you, and apologies for not getting to them. I will read them soon and reply at that time. I LOVE comments, and totally appreciate you taking the time to share and engage in conversation.

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Wow. With being too tired to write on my actual topics for my theme, I’ve managed to get almost 1,000 words. See? Insistence pays off!

THANK YOU! for reading!

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18 Responses to #dSavannahDefects – I is for… (pt 1)

  1. Pamela says:

    I can empathize with the frustration of spilling water on a book – oh, the horror. I insist that you do something extra nice for yourself today. Love your blog.

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      The horror is right. And every synonym you can think of. (My poor book!)

      Oh, thank you so much. *blushes*

      Very good use of my “I” word, too. :) I’ll do my best.

  2. Ruth says:

    Since you’re dealing with some ugly H’s -horrible hurts and headache I will further your I list with some words you either are too humble to write for yourself or pushed as far as you could and the list is too long…Interesting, Informative, Insightful, Intuitive, Incredible, Impavid (the fearless definition but seen & heard works too) and Indomitable. Even in the midst of challenges you press on and we are the better for it. Thank you!

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      Thank you for reading and for your very kind words! I appreciate it more than you know. (And I’m too humble, I think. Tho I do call myself ‘intuitive’.)

  3. Elaine LeDoux says:

    I’m pretty sure there is no human being who has not dumped their water over prized, beloved possessions and let out with a line of expletives!!! Therefore, pretty much a universal, no need to explain the feeling and tears situation. If it makes you feel any better, I as a Floridian know well the bug which you describe. I believe I saw one a few days ago walking down the road with a VW on its’ back. Blecccch!!! May “J” bring you some joy!!!!

    • dSavannah dSavannah says:

      What?!?!? You mean I’m not the only special klutzy person out there?!!?!?

      Oh yeah. You do know that bug. And I’m sorry you know him. And HA HA HA!

      I actually have “Joy” as a possible topic for “J”, so I guess now I have to! ;)

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting.

  4. That stinks. Talk about a series of unfortunate events.

    Melanie Schulz from
    Melanie Schulz.com

  5. Joy says:

    dropped a book in the bathtub once and almost had a stroke :P

    haven’t heard from you in a while on the blog hope you are well! hugz
    J is for Jungle Book

  6. Jemima Pett says:

    Oh, what a calamity. Take things one step at a time and don’t worry about us… we’ll be here whenever you get back again. Hope no nasty bugs bug you tomorrow.
    Jemima Pett

  7. Quite frustrating to knock over a glass of drink. More so in that there was good intent on having the drink there and when you think about it, you probably did not need it there.
    Anyway, visiting from A to Z. Cheers.

  8. Oh my goodness! I’d be upset, too. Thanks for the shoutout!

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

  9. Betsy says:

    Dropped book into the foot bath at spa. Fell asleep during pedi. :)

    What a list of items to be insistent about!

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