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Glass Bead Necklace Gallery: Colorful Glass Bead Necklace

Colorful Glass Bead Necklace

Colorful Glass Bead Necklace
Length: 16" including clasp
Color Scheme: multi
Medium: misc. glass beads & pewter toggle clasp
Price: SOLD

This fun necklace was a special order. The woman who ordered it told me: "I would typify myself as being somewhat eccentric, outspoken, loyal and truthful and I love every day God provides me. Think of the day in your life when you had a wonderful time and just go for it and string something that says that. Something inspirational and celebrates life and fun."

This is what I created based on her comments and her request for round and square beads and multi-colors. I sent her the picture and her email response (in call caps, mind you!) was: "Why it is superb and itís me, if was a necklace, that is. Well I love it!!!! You have captured me to the moment." Have I mentioned I LOVE making special orders?!