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As a creative marketing and public relations professional, I offer a range of services to meet your company's needs. For information on utilizing my skills for your organization, please contact me.
You may also download my one-sheet (PDF) which includes information on my services and experience.

Strategic planning
It's all well and good to know where you want your company to be in five years, or even a few months – but you have to figure out how to get there! I am adept at creating a detailed, strategic plan that maps out what needs to be done and when for maximum results.

Corporate identity and branding
Everyone seems confused about the definition of branding. Simply creating a logo is not enough. You need to consider everything that the consumer sees and experiences – ultimately, what they think about you, their perception, is your brand. I can analyze your current situation and help you develop the brand and identity you want and need for your company, including graphic standards and messaging.

Project management
A good project manager is like a conductor – one who directs the different parts of an orchestra to create something beautiful. As a skilled engineer, I manage all facets of a project, including timeline production and execution, research, approvals, vendor management, and more.

Print collateral
I have extensive experience producing and designing award-winning print collateral that fits the company's look and feel, targets the appropriate audience and includes the right messages.

I started writing as soon as I could hold a pencil (or a crayon. I can't remember which). Since then I have written numerous marketing plans, brochures, press releases, videos, grants, sponsorship proposals, reports, websites, policies and procedures, and more.

I'm an excellent writer, but I'm an even better editor. I can edit your copy for consistency, style, grammar and AP style, as well as making sure it reflects your company's identity.

Social Media
Just having a website is not enough; you need other ways of reaching your customers
and keeping them engaged. I have a great deal of experience and expertise in conducting social media campaigns, creating websites and e-communications, as well as the laws surrounding electronic marketing. I can also create targeted pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Media relations/publicity
My bosses at Orkin used to jokingly say that PR is free. In fact, there is a cost in creating the relationships needed to garner press coverage. Just like all other forms of marketing, you have to target your message to the right person, and give them the information they need. I can create and execute publicity plans, from pitching to measuring results.

Media materials development
I have created media materials during much of my career, from fact sheets to media kits to general press releases to media alerts. I can help you develop the right materials and target them to the correct media.

During my career, I have managed a number of advertising campaigns for both print and broadcast media. I can manage media buying, selection and production. I can also write ad copy for radio and print, and ensure consistent messaging across mediums. Regardless of the size of your advertising budget, I can create a targeted plan that will generate results.

When I was with Discover Mills, I must have gotten 27 solicitations a day where the caller would promise a promotion that would be the "best marketing opportunity ever!". Unfortunately most of the claims were entirely unfounded, or simply did not fit in with the strategic plan for the shopping center. I can create and/or analyze promotional opportunities based on fit, marketing goals and return on investment. I can also review and implement cause marketing opportunities.