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Portfolio:Discover Mills ~ Post-Opening Merchant and Consumer Materials

Discover Mills Post-Opening Merchant and Consumer Materials

Discover Mills, a shopping and entertainment center, was built in Lawrenceville, Ga in 2001. I served as Marketing Director and was part of the team that opened the center and orchestrated numerous grand opening activities.

After the shopping center opened, we still had to communicate with consumers and the mall merchants. I bought space and garnered value-added promotions via a $4 million print and broadcast ad campaign. I also created various collateral. The mall directory (left) was distributed on site. I created a direct mail piece for consumers (bottom), coinciding with particular retail selling seasons, such as Valentine's Day; it included coupons from select merchants.

For merchants, we created an annual marketing manual (top) including current market research and information on the marketing programs for the following year.

In all cases, I wrote the copy, researched the information, and directed production. With the direct mail piece, I selected zip codes for the mail drop.