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Portfolio: Discover Mills ~ Pre-Opening Merchant Materials

Discover Mills Pre-Opening Merchant Materials

Discover Mills, a shopping and entertainment center, was built in Lawrenceville, Ga in 2001. I served as Marketing Director and was part of the team that opened the center and orchestrated numerous grand opening activities.

A lot of work had to be done prior to the grand opening. In addition to communicating with the general consumer, we also had to communicate with the merchants who planned to have stores in the mall. I created a series of pieces, including a general information packet with important forms (above, left), two newsletters, and an invitation to the merchant formation meeting (above, right).

I wrote the copy, researched the information, and worked with a designer to create the look. The fun, musical design was very strategic — the shopping center had a partnership with the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and two concert series were planned for the year after opening.