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Portfolio: Center for Puppetry Arts ~ 2005-06 Season Guide

Center for Puppetry Arts 2005-06 Season Programming Guide

The Center for Puppetry Arts is the largest organization in the United States dedicated to the art form of puppetry. Since 1978, the Center has touched the lives of millions of visitors through enchanting performances, curriculum-based workshops and the hands-on Museum, as well as Distance Learning and Outreach Programs.

Previously, the Center had created three brochures targeted to individual patrons, one for each of the three theater series. In an effort to reduce costs and decrease the amount of mail inundating our patrons, we reduced that to one brochure. For the 2005-06 season, we took that a step further — not only did we include information on all programs for year, we arranged it in calendar order.

Along with my staff, I wrote and edited the brochure, directed the design and printing and handled distribution. 30,000 two-color pieces were printed.