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Portfolio: Artists of the Ozarks ~ Online Presence

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In October 2011, I was asked to join the Artists of the Ozarks, a co-op gallery in Harrison, Ark. In return, I set up their online presence and assisted with general marketing. One of the artists in the gallery created the logo, and several of them created signage for the building. I used the logo and colors from the sign to create a flyer (PDF) and business card (PDF).

For the online presence, I created a store on Artfire, which included taking photographs of the gallery and artwork. I wrote descriptions of the pieces and bios for the artists. In addition, I created a page on Facebook and linked it to the online store (images above).

In addition, I distributed press releases on the new online store (PDF) and new hours (PDF); developed and produced radio ads, including one for the Valentine's Day specials (PDF); and created a Valentine's Day coupon (PDF), which members handed out and posted on the Facebook page.