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Center for Puppetry Arts Web site

The Center for Puppetry Arts is the largest organization in the United States dedicated to the art form of puppetry. Since 1978, the Center has touched the lives of millions of visitors through enchanting performances, curriculum-based workshops and the hands-on Museum, as well as Distance Learning and Outreach Programs.

In March 2003, the Center was lucky enough to acquire Macquarium Intelligent Communications to redesign the Center's website on a pro bono basis. I served as project manager on the client side, directing architecture and look and feel, and writing all copy for over 100 pages. The site launched in record time — it went live on July 1, 2003, just in time for the Center's 25th anniversary season.

I served as Webmaster of the site, and did all updates. I was complimented by the original architect, who told me that most companies let a site die once it's launched, but that I kept it alive and even improved upon it. In 2004, the Web Marketing Association honored the site with a Standard of Excellence Web Award.

Previous Site - 2002

Center for Puppetry Arts Identity

This site was very confusing, hard to navigate and not very dynamic.

Previous Site - 2000

Center for Puppetry Arts Identity

This version of the site relied heavily on frames - a trend at the time.

First Site - 1996

Center for Puppetry Arts Identity

Ah! Our very first site! The Center was one of the first arts organizations to use the internet to communicate with patrons, and I'm proud to say I'm the one who started it all. I purchased the domain back in October 1996, and we launched that December. The site was copy heavy and hard to navigate, but did include information on all current programs.