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Portfolio: Ozark Arts Council ~ Annual Program Booklet

Ozark Arts Council Annual Program Booklet

The Ozark Arts Council is the owner and operator of the historic 1929 Lyric Theater in Harrison, Ark. Funds raised are used to maintain the theater and allow the OAC to host a variety of events, including plays, concerts, art exhibits, and educational workshops.

In 2007, the OAC celebrated its 10th anniversary. Previously, they had sold advertising in and distributed an annual booklet, which also contained articles on the history of the OAC. I worked with the executive director to drastically improve the look and utility of the booklet. We added a letter from him, a table of contents, the schedule for the upcoming season, and an index of advertisers, as well as membership solicitations and a list of members and donors during the prior season. We continued to sell advertising — and the advertisers were thrilled with the new look.

In addition to writing all of the copy, I served as project manager for the 36-page (plus cover) booklet. I worked with two graphic design students at North Arkansas College on the design, and we collaborated on the flow of ads and information. (The concept for the cover was mine.) I also worked with printers to get bids, I chose the paper, and I worked with the selected printer to ensure a good finished product.

Read a letter (PDF) from the executive director about my work.