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Portfolio: Georgia Council for the Arts ~ Exhibit Display

Georgia Council for the Arts Exhibit Display

Georgia Council for the Arts provides grant funding, programs and services statewide that support the arts industry and artists around the state, preserve our cultural heritage and create increased access to high quality arts experiences.

In 2006, GCA hired me to create a number of pieces, including an exhibit display that could be used at various events and conferences. Designing the display was quite a challenge — it had to be done exactly to the specifications of the display purchased, which incorporated a header (36" wide by 10" high) and 10 panels, which totalled 71.25" wide by 42.75" tall. I had no way to print it out at full size, so all proofs were done at about 10% actual size. It is so large, there is also no way to take a picture of the finished product, so I can only show you the art itself.

The display needed to promote the two main services offered by GCA — programming support for non-profits and arts organizations in the state, and Georgia's State Art Collection. We wanted to show both the range of supported programming and the variety of pieces in the collection.

I wrote the copy, manipulated the photos, designed the header and panels, and coordinated with the vendor who actually produced the display.

Click here to see the State Art Collection Brochure. Click here to see the Program Brochure.