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paper art

Turning paper into art

I love paper. I positively do. Ever since I was a little kid, I would rummage in shops for the coolest stationery. I love paper with color. Paper with texture. Paper someone made from hand out of leaves and flowers. Velvet paper. Bright white. I'm one of those weird people who likes getting swatch books from paper companies, not only so I can see the cool designs, but also so I can tear them apart and make my own stuff out of them.

I find new life for paper that is no longer useful. For instance, I create envelopes out of magazine ads, gift tags out of old Christmas cards and note cards out of old paper and photographs. I make bookmarks out of wallpaper from the 1950s, stock photography books and various recycled paper, and decorate them with ribbon, beads & buttons. Notecards feature my photography on nice paper.

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