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    I create all kinds of things you can hang on your wall... paintings, photography, and crocheted items.

    "Debbie is a true artist in that she paints what her spirit holds true. By using bold, magnificent brushstrokes, she can take an everyday item and turn it into something special and unique, something that makes you look twice. Her creativity and passion for her art is obvious in all of her work." - Heather Ogden, Evansville, IN

    My paintings are abstract, colorful and textured. I use a variety of grades of acrylic paint - from super heavy body to professional to student. Color is mixed on the canvas, creating various shades and effects. In addition, I often put found objects, beads, dried flowers and more on my work. The various galleries listed on the left include all the paintings I currently have available for sale, as well as some that are sold. Once you enter a series gallery, click on a thumbnail to view the larger picture, price, and more information about the piece.

    "One of the first things people notice in my living room is your painting. All of my guests, many artists themselves, have complimented the use of colors and texture. It's one of my most treasured pieces." - Deanna L. Smith, Atlanta, GA

    I have also been taking photos for a long time - my first photograph was taken when I was three. It was of my other. Today, I especially like photographing flowers and butterflies. There is also a Décor Gallery of my crocheted items, including butterfly magnets and snowflakes.

    "dSavannah doesn't create texture on her paintings; she creates topography."
    - Mike Jones, Atlanta, GA

    To read about my process & technique of creating, click here.