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    Small Wonders: Paraguay


    Size: 13 1/8" x 11 1/8"
    Color Scheme: blue, cream
    Medium: acrylic, glitter nail polish, shells, dried flowers, found objects on hand-made paper
    Price: SOLD
    COA#: DSG418559

    This is one of my "Small Wonders" series. I take small remnants of canvas and paint them with "extra" paint -- whatever is left on my palette when I've finished a larger piece. In "Paraguay", I put glitter nail polish on the painted canvas, then added dried flowers, shells and found objects, all placed on a piece of handmade paper. I collected the shells on beaches all over the southeastern seaboard. Although the country of Paraguay does not have oceans, it does have rivers, and I like to imagine that one day it was perhaps surrounded by water. Oh, and the word is just fun to say. This piece is in a whitewashed wooden shadowbox frame. Of course, due to shadows and reflections, it's hard to photograph. Painting is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that includes the COA number, title, date and my signature.