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About the Artist

I love art. Theater. Dance. Music. I love creative expression, in all its forms. I myself am a multi-disciplinary artist -- I paint, draw, crochet, take photographs, write, and make beaded jewelry and notecards. I also sing, and am the co-founder of the band Nocturnal Loons. And there's likely something I'm forgetting! Like my logo, I have many balls in the air at all times!

I have been writing since I was seven years old, and have won several awards. Over 35 of my poems and 2 of my short stories have been published in various literary magazines.

I have been making cards and jewelry since high school. I learned to crochet when I was five, and over the years have created numerous Christmas ornaments, afghans and doilies, and my current project is making scarves. I have exhibited in a few Art Shows over the years.

Another passion is painting (studio wall is shown, middle, above). I first picked up a paintbrush in February of 2003. I always wanted to paint, but for some reason, probably because I mostly identified myself as a "writer", I didn't think I could. I was talking with a friend of mine, a graphic designer, who thought I was crazy to think I couldn't paint! He dragged me to the nearest art store, helped me pick out brushes, canvas and acrylics, then watched as I sputtered my way -- scared witless -- through my first painting. I owe him -- and his great aunt Edna, who taught him that he could be an artist -- a debt of gratitude I can never repay. I also create a series of oil pastel drawings I call "Whymsy-Bee".

Several of my works are in private collections and have been exhibited at art shows and in galleries. One of my photographs was juried into the 33rd Annual Photography Competition and Exhibition at the Fort Smith (Ar.) Arts Center (November 2009).

I am a member of the Ozark Arts Council, the Harrison Art League, and the Arkansas Artist Registry, a program of the Arkansas Arts Council. I co-founded the Ozark Writers' Block in Harrison. I am a former member of the Georgia Writers Association and Pinckneyville Writer's Group.

I received my master of arts in communications (cum laude) from Georgia State University and my bachelor of arts degree in communications (cum laude) from Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga. I have worked in marketing and public relations since 1987.

I split my time between Arkansas and Georgia. In Arkansas, I live on four rural acres with my varmints:
1 dog, 2 cats, 1 turtle, 1 husband. In Georgia, I live on the coast or in Atlanta, usually with the critters. (But my heart belongs to the ocean.)