#IWSG – So you want to be a writer…. (pt 4)

InsecureWritersSupportGroup Well, it’s that time again: I said I’d participate in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog posting (first Wednesday of every month), so here I am. Post #4.

Sadly, I haven’t really got anything to say. Or much to say. (For me, same thing.)

Which is weird, as I am a writer, and have always considered myself to be one, ever since I was a wee lass and could hold some sort of instrument of torture. Erm, writing. In fact, because I considered myself to be a writer, I had a difficult time considering myself to be an artist and to do my painting, drawing, etc.

Anywho, last time I told you I was going to participate in National Novel Writing Month (or #NaNoWriMo, but because I’m lazy, #NaNo).

NaNoWriMo Additional Collateral finalWell, I did and I didn’t.

I wrote 179 words on that particular day, and I haven’t written anything since. Partially because November has been a particularly horrid month for me, health-wise (a topic for another post). Partially because…. who knows. Fear is definitely one of the things… specifically, fear of failure. (Self-fulfilling prophecy? I’m afraid to fail, so I do?) What got me was the email from #NaNo that said that only 17% of participants “won” (aka wrote 50,000 words). (PS It might be more or less than that; I can’t seem to find the email with the exact amount.)

Of my thirteen #NaNo writing buddies, only four actually succeeded in breaking 50,000 words: AJ Aalto, Leona Bushman, Robert Pruneda, and Jessica McHugh (who wrote 81,660 words on her novel, The Hares in the Hedgerow!). Woo-hoo to them!

The other nine wrote a total of 134,218 words. Which is pretty impressive, if you think about it. That’s more words than those writers had before November.

Do I beat myself up about not succeeding, not winning?

Of course I do.

Even tho my pal Gareth S. Young tells me that’s not what #NaNo is for. That I’m not to beat myself up. That I started a story, and I have a good idea, and it’s not like I can’t write it in the future. Or, like, today.

In the most recent email from #NaNo’s executive director, Grant Faulkner, titled “Your story has just begun.”, he writes:

Sometimes an illness or the demands of life can sidetrack a creative endeavor. Sometimes a story just isn’t quite ready to be written. But don’t despair. A novel travels the same labyrinthian and nettlesome path that its main characters do—overcoming setbacks, facing down gnarly antagonists, and then moving forward toward the light. You built a cocoon for your novel this November. A butterfly will emerge.

So I urge you to keep your creative fires burning…

So, that’s what I urge the rest of you to do as well. Keep the fires burning. Write. Write anyway. Write 179 words, every time you can, and eventually, it’ll be a book.

Just not in November 2015.

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9 Responses to #IWSG – So you want to be a writer…. (pt 4)

  1. patgarcia says:

    I received the last email from Grant also because I participated in NaNo and no I didn’t write fifty thousand words, but I did make headway on my manuscript.

    I don’t feel like a failure though. There were and still are a lot of things on my plate and I used NaNo to finally get started on my outline for my fourth manuscript.

    Will I participate next year? I plan to, so I hope to see you around.


  2. Phyllis says:

    Regarding your next to the last sentence: Backatcha! ;)

  3. Elaine LeDoux says:

    Yay! A post !!! There you go

    • Elaine LeDoux says:

      Honestly!!! I put a big, heartfelt comment on your blog and only the first few words show up…frustrating! Basically I said that you have written wonderfully before and shall again when you are ready❤️

  4. I’m sorry to hear about health getting in your way. That’s definitely not going to make it any easier. I’d tell you not to beat yourself up, but I haven’t learned to take my own advice yet, so it seems unfair to offer it. But hey, maybe our bruises will be badges of honor when we do finish our NaNo projects.

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