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Mocha, Moonlight, and MurderLike many of the authors I know, I met MaryAnn online in my fab writers’ group. Her first book, Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder, was released on April 15.

I invited MaryAnn to answer The Questions to celebrate the book launch. Then I got distracted by life, and didn’t publish her response. Then, she told me that the book would be *free* June 11-15, and suggested I use her post then. (Erm, now.) Which I thought sounded like a wonderful idea.

So, dear readers (and Joe), be sure to download your free kindle copy of Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder while you can! And enjoy…

The Questions

6. What do you want on your tombstone?

She followed her dreams.

8. Your favorite book growing up? Your favorite book now?

As a kid, my favorite book was Gone With the Wind. My favorite book now is Pride and Prejudice.

12. Where is your favorite place to create?

My house has a bedroom that we use as an office. I sit at the desk and stare out the windows until inspiration hits me, or the refrigerator calls.

(dSavannah note: Obviously inspiration hits more often than the refrigerator calls, or you’d never have finished your book!)

20. When did you know you wanted to be a writer/artist?

I’ve always loved to write, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I tried to write for pleasure.

32. Given the uphill climb to get recognition and sales why do you keep coming back?

The sense of accomplishment. Writing makes me feel like an accomplished person, like I haven’t wasted my life.

33. Why do you create in your medium/genre? What about it speaks to you?

My favorite authors are Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. I write romance, so that I can write witty dialogue between two potential lovers, and I write suspense because I love a good mystery.

35. Tell me one random fact about you that not a lot of people know.

author MaryAnn Kempher in the Air ForceI spent 20 years in the Air Force. I’ve traveled all over the world.

(dSavannah note: So, a while ago, MaryAnn posted —> this photo of herself on Facebook. In preparing this post, I asked if I could use it. She was initially suspicious of my request, but finally said okay! YAY! I think it’s really awesome that she served our country – and for 20 years! So, thanks MaryAnn! For the service and for sharing the photo, of which she says: “I’d just won an early promotion and the base paper was doing a story on me. Notice, no computer. I’m so old. :)” Yes, children, that is a *typewriter* behind her. Most of you have probably never seen one in real life.)

About Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder:

This is what MaryAnn says about her book (which remember, is free until June 15!): Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is romantic suspense. It will appeal to romance lovers, because Scott and Katherine (eventually) have such a fantastic friendship that blossoms into something more. They really like each other and the reader will really like them. It will also appeal to readers who love a good mystery; a woman is brutally murdered three blocks from Katherine’s. She sees the killer as he’s preparing to dispose of the woman’s body, but manages to outrun him. He finds out who she is and starts stalking her.

About MaryAnn:

author MaryAnn KempherMy family moved to Reno NV, where Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is set, when I was 15. I currently live in Florida with my husband and two children, two dogs and one cat. My favorite authors are Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. My guilty pleasures include any and all sweets. I love all cake, cookies, brownies, and of course a grande Café Mocha.

(dSavannah note: But of course! Also note that she looks pretty much the same in both photos, although the Air Force one was presumably taken many years ago… a presumption based only on the presence of that fabled typewriter. :) )

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  1. MaryAnn says:

    Thanks Savannah! :) I’m just a little chubbier than I was at 22.

  2. Betsy says:

    MaryAnn, you look amazing! I must also thank you for serving our country. The book looks very intriguing. Good luck with it!

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