Shining the Light on Dark Places: Mental Illness

Shining a LightMy heart is heavy as I type this, as is the nation’s, and likely the world’s. Twenty children, seven adults, killed senselessly.

I try to avoid reading about it, or watching the stories. I don’t want to buy into the culture of sensationalism. Nor do I want to negatively affect my own mental state, my own mental illness (depression).

But I also can’t ignore it, not completely.

I think that The Anarchist Soccer Mom probably says it best: this country needs to look carefully at its mental health care, or lack thereof.

They used to throw anybody in an institution. Then they decided that was inhumane, and most of them closed. Now, where do you go when you need help? When your child needs help? Your parent?

Shouldn’t there be a balance?

The only words I can say are prayers.

And: but for the grace of God go I.

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