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Pieces in my collection from the artists listed here include (photos above, l to r): Turtle drawing by April Moon, based on a concept by me; Goddess by Susan Elaine of Wren’s Eye Creations; The Red Table by Alison Scheel of Yellobee Studio; and Turtle with Autumn Leaves by Theresa Pedrotti.


(in no particular order)

  • Tales from the Cabbage Patch: I met the Head Cabbage during the 2015 #AtoZChallenge. And I fell in love with her. (I mean her words. I’m not a complete weirdo.) She also fell in love with me, and added me to her tribe. (I’m so honored.) She writes hilariously about sad and happy and wonderful things. She’s also an #InvisibleIllnessWarrior, as she fights with MS and depression. Go visit her. You won’t be sorry.
  • Lorca Damon: OMG. Hilarious. Also, her Aunt Gertie is a ho.
  • Pics of Then: I adore old pictures, and so does this dude. Periodically he posts a pic from his collection with whatever information he knows about it.
  • Mhairi Simpson: like me, writes about the struggle to be a creative human. She’s also a wonderful, sweet human being.
  • Mark Ethridge: one of the kindest people I know. Also, an awesome writer, and a #AtoZChallenge2015 partner.
  • Chad Clark: my partner in the #AtoZchallenge2014 – 2016, Chad writes about monsters. I also had the honor of designing his first two book covers. And he’s got me editing his work, for which I’m very honored. (We work great together.) He answered The Questions.
  • Gareth S. Young: one of my best writerly pals. He keeps somehow wiggling out of answering The Questions.
  • JL Gentry: author, runner, photographer, smarty-pants. Also sounds like me. I’m also honored and excited to be his editor. He answered The Questions.
  • Stephanie Yuhas: Workaholic nerd. Filmmaker. Writer. Cool person.
  • A.J. Aalto: she calls herself a “supervillian on a leash”. As we discussed in her answers to The Questions, likely we would get the cops called on us for having too much fun. (Yes, I adore her.)
  • Elise Stephens: she and I share (unfortunately) the fight against depression. And she writes beautifully about it. And she also answered The Questions.
  • Andrew F. Butters: Yup. That’s his real name. He writes things. He takes photos of things. He’s in a band. Weird. Sounds just like me.
  • alex kimmell: author of the creepy novel “the Key to everything“. He answered two versions of The Questions, one for #OrangeKaren, and a ‘regular’ one.
  • Gordon Bonnet: Writer, musician, biology teacher, skeptic.
  • Cara Michaels: Heroic Science Fiction and Paranormal Fantasy writer. She answered The #OrangeKaren Questions. Trivia: the main character in her #OrangeKaren story is named after me. :)
  • The Book Hipster: awesome bloggy blog thingy about well, books. And people. Stephanie answered The #OrangeKaren Questions.

Artists & Musicians

  • Wren’s Eye Creations: SusanElaine is a fantastic artist. She makes jewelry, creates dolls, does ceramics, makes puppets, makes her own beads, etc. I’m so thankful to own some of her pieces! She also does work on commission.
  • Yarn Rescue: makes her own handspun yarn, and grows flowers to make the dye. And recycles old sweaters into new yarn. How cool is that??!?! She also sells hand-made monster needles and spinning yarn.
  • Yellobee Studio: Alison Scheel creates beautiful work — so lovely that I commissioned her to paint a piece for me – The Red Table, detail shown above. She mostly works as a graphic designer (but I don’t hold that against her).
  • Patchouli: This two-person band makes awesome music! They let me join the band – check out the pic! Bruce, 1/2 of the band, also creates gorgeous paintings.
  • Griffin House: my very very favorite musician.
  • Radio Birds: straight-up rock and roll. The lead singer is a former student.


I’m an avid reader, so there are far too many authors to mention, but here are my very very favorites.

  • Terry Pratchett: I love everything PTerry has written. I got to meet Sir PTerry at the first North American Discworld Convention in 2009. Buy his books on Amazon. Sadly, he left us on March 12, 2015. #GNUTerryPratchett
  • Charles de Lint: De Lint writes beautifully written books about the human condition with a bit of myth and legend thrown in for good measure. He’s also an amazing musician, and a damn nice guy! I had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely wife MaryAnn Harris at the Tucson Festival of Books in 2011. Buy his books on Amazon.
  • K.D. McCrite: I met K.D. when she joined my writers’ group, Ozark Writers’ Block. Buy her books on Amazon. Read her answers to The Questions.
  • Jeffrey Koterba: one of the few editorial cartoonists left in the US. His memoir, Inklings, is one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. Go out and buy it on Amazon! Immediately! I got to meet Jeff when I dragged him down to Harrison, Ark., to have an exhibit of his cartoons, give talks to local highschoolers, and perform with his band. Read his answers to The Questions. (He was my very first answerererer!)

If you’re a bibliophile like I am, you MUST join It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s seriously the best thing EVER! (And it’s not just for paperbacks. Also audio & hardbacks.


  • The Mighty: a bunch of people, just like me, writing about their illnesses. Empowering, heartbreaking, and informative, all at once. (Maybe someday I’ll rustle up the courage to submit to them.)
  • Searching for Angela Shelton: Filmmaker Angela Shelton set out on a journey to meet every other Angela Shelton in America. What she discovered was that 24 out of 40 Angela Sheltons she spoke to had been raped, beaten or molested just like she was. This site is an homage to courage, and speaking out. I am an Angela Shelton. Purchase the movie on Amazon.
  • Asha Imports: Located in Harrison, Ark., Asha imports free trade items from India. Their mission is to be a voice for people who have no voice. They distribute products made by people who have been given a chance to rise above their circumstances and take back their humanity.

And finally, a shout out to Bethany Brown of 1018media. She designed my original website (has it been 10+ years?!?!?!), then assisted with coding for this blog so it would match. She’s totally awesome.  If you need a website, please contact her! She’ll do ya right!

Also note: I am an affiliate with amazon. This means if you click a link, and buy something, I supposedly get a wee percentage of the sale. Doesn’t cost you anything, and helps me support my art and eating habit. :)

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