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imagining pain away (or, it don’t work that way)

Pain is all about waiting. Waiting for it to stop. Waiting for medication to work. Waiting to see a doctor. Waiting for others to believe you. Waiting for a future cure.

dSavannah note: I started this post – well, I can’t remember when – and I’ve been working on it ever since. Even if it’s not quite “ready”, and I can’t think of a better headline, I’m just gonna publish it… I’m sick of looking at it. And I’d like to cross at least one thing off my massive to-do list. (Which never ever ends. Being a Sick Person is harder work than you’d imagine.) I had a doctor tell me that he was able to have a dental procedure with no novocaine because he imagined he was on a beach with storm clouds out on the horizon. And that he concentrated on the clouds. And thus he had no pain. He didn’t say it explicitly, … Continue reading

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It’s not the forest … It’s the leaves


New: Follow my blog on the app Bloglovin. You can also follow by putting your email address in the first box there on the right, and then see my new posts via the WordPress app or in your email. And, as always, please forgive any typos. If that title is too obtuse for you, I’ll put it another way: Being chronically ill sucks, make no mistake. Having chronic, unrelenting pain sucks as well. Being told by a specialist doctor (as I was recently) that I’m in the top 1% of severe fibromyalgia cases and that I’m never going to get better is also awful. But what wears me down, bit by bit, is the rest of it, the small things: the leaves, if you will. … Continue reading

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Advice for the Over-Extended


I’m now in a group on Facebook for people who fall in the INFJ spectrum of the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The indicator is an interesting way to learn more about yourself or the people around you. I fall into INFJ, which stands for Introversion, Intuition, Judging, and Feeling. Every time I take the test, I always come out INFJ. This is a screenshot of my most recent results. (The only bit I find interesting is that I would have thought my intuition score would be higher. Otherwise, it’s spot on.) If you’d like to learn more about you, you can take the official online assessment (for a fee), or you can take this free personality test that is based on the MBTI. Also, Thought … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – G is for…


Hello my dear lovelies, It is 11:53pm EST on Thursday, 4/7, and for the first time this challenge, I have written exactly ZERO words for the next day’s post, which is this post, for G (Friday). I have caught up with my working ahead, and am no longer ahead, but now behind. (Tho H is written, and, go figure, U.) So, I will do my best to be informative and interesting, but this may not be my best effort, for which I apologize in advance. Anywho, G is for… … genetics Think you know about genes and genetics? Think again. I bet you don’t know much. I know a little, and it ain’t hardly enough to shake a stick at. (Sorry, my Southern is showin’.) … Continue reading

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The Questions with h. l. nelson: writer, editor, former mannequin

I just met Miss Nelson online two and a half months ago. On our mutual birthday. You know how sometimes you meet someone, either in real life, or online, and you just get each other? That’s me and h. l. We clicked. We’ve had long rambling Facebook conversations about nothing and everything. So needless to say, my delight abounds that she wanted to answer The Questions. Enjoy getting to know my birthday twin! The Questions 5. What skill(s) do you wish you’d learned as a kid? I was disappointed in junior high when we chose our instruments for band. I desperately wanted to be a percussionist, but they told me there were enough of them. So my parents chose the cheapest instrument, the flute. I … Continue reading

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Where’s My Transporter?!?!?


No, seriously. I’ve watched and read enough sci-fi to see things that came out of an author’s imagination appear in the real world. Just google sci fi inventions that came true and the search engine comes back with “About 3,590,000 results”. (I think this article on is probably the most interesting.) But the invention I want the most, the very very most, isn’t around. At least not yet. Or, they’re not telling us about it. I want a transporter.

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The Questions with Dr. Shay West: writer & science geek

The Chosen by Dr. Shay West

I’m excited to post The Questions on the day of an actual book launch! Buy The Chosen: Book One Portals of Destiny, by Dr. Shay West, from Amazon in paperback and kindle, or for a paperback. I met Shay online in an awesome writers’ group. For some reason, she had the silly notion that her name isn’t cool. Shay is totally cool. Both as a person and as a name. Besides being an author, she’s totally into science. Her status updates often read something like this: “Finished the worm lab and moving into arthropods :D”. Since the only C’s I got in college {ahem} were in my required science classes (for the record, all my other grades? A’s and B’s), she impresses me to … Continue reading

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