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#MEAwareness: What an MEcfs Crash looks like


On November 30, 2017, my husband took me to a Continuing Education event, hosted by the CDC and #MEAction, to view the documentary Unrest, an unflinching, real, true, up-close-and-personal look at chronic illness, specifically myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly (and erroneously) (and horribly) known as chronic fatigue syndrome (MEcfs). A disease I suffer daily. The filmmaker, Jennifer Brea, was in attendance (who I was too exhausted to meet), as were members of the Georgia Chapter of MEAction (on Facebook, so you’ll need an account), along with Dr. Elizabeth Unger and Dr. Nancy Klimas (sorry I’m too tired to get links, but they are Very Important People and Advocates for MEcfs). Although I wrote copious notes from the event to write a blog post, I have been unable … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: Looking for Point Fair


dSavannah note: I’ve been thinking awhile of publishing a series of my stories on Fridays, and calling it #FictionFriday (original, I know). {Upon reflection, I thought maybe I’d gotten it from award-winning writer and editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, but turns out her site offers Free Fiction Mondays. As well as really informative Business Musings for writers. So, I have no idea where I snagged that idea. Thank you to whoever it was.} I have a TON of stories I’ve written, and I might as well do something with them. Yes, I should probably be polishing them up and submitting them to anthologies and contests, but some days (yay, #InvisibleIllness!) I just haven’t got the … wherewithall. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired and start actually writing … Continue reading

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Book Launch: In Memory. #GNUTerryPratchett

I have mailed books to all these places. Guess I

If you’ve read my blog for a minute, or followed me at all on social media (or have known me since high school), you know I am a reader, a bibliophile, and, to some extent, a book hoarder, tho I’ve gotten better. According to the awesome, of which I have a been a member since 2005, I have mailed 367 books all across the USA. (I would have mailed more, but since I’ve been sick, I’ve had to severely decrease the books I post on my shelf to share because I can’t afford the postage anymore.) (By the way, if you are a book lover in the US, PaperBackSwap is awesome. They have a small fee to be a member, and you otherwise only pay … Continue reading

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The Questions with Samantha Bryant: writer

The characters in Going Through the Change... intriguing, eh?

As you probably have (not) noticed, I haven’t been blogging (again). I’ve been dealing with my health issues, and trying to sleep, and crying a lot. But that’s not why we’re here today, and I’ll tell you about that in a (probably much) later post. I actually meant to publish this edition of The Questions back at the beginning of May, because today’s featured author, Samantha Bryant, was one of my partner’s for the #AtoZChallenge in April. But of course, I didn’t get there… and then Samantha asked if I could publish the interview in conjunction with a promotion for her debut novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, and I said “sure!”. Of course, I almost *missed* said promotion, because well, the … Continue reading

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GNU Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee

It seems there has been an awful lot of deaths this year. I personally have sent out, oh, six or eight sympathy cards in the past few months, when last year, it was one. A dear friend’s sister was killed in a car accident. Another friend’s papa died. The aunt and uncle of another friend died, both within a few days of each other. Then we lost Terry Pratchett, one of my very favorite authors, in March. And then, as if that loss wasn’t enough, another wonderful voice has left us: Tanith Lee, a prolific British writer for over 40 years, who died this past Sunday at the young age of 67. She was only nine months older than Sir Terry, who by the way, … Continue reading

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G is for…


…#GNUTerryPratchett I only met Terry Pratchett once in person. But I met him thousands of times in my mind whilst reading his books. And my life was imminently enriched because of his words and his presence. And who is Terry Pratchett? you might ask, if you’ve never heard of him. And what the heck is #GNU? The first answer is easy (and not) – Terry Pratchett (aka PTerry, Sir Terry {he really is a “Sir”}, STP, The Great Man, etc.) is one of my Very Favorite Authors. So much so, that I’ve been a subscriber of the zines Discworld Monthly and Wossname for years and years, which I cannot say for any other of my fandoms. Sadly, Sir Terry passed away last month, leaving me … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for debut author Chad A. Clark!!!


I am beyond pleased to bring you a cover reveal this fine day middle of the night. Why, you may ask, is dSavannah so excited? And why has she begun speaking of herself in the third person? Well, I’ll tell ya. If you’ve read my blog over the past few months, you’ll know that one of my writer friends is Chad A. Clark. He was my partner in crime writing for April’s #AtoZChallenge. He answered The Questions on May 4. And today it is my honor, nay my privilege, nay my joy, nay my supreme raison d’être (I may be getting carried away here…) Anywho, I’m pleased as punch to be part in the cover reveal for his debut book, which will be released for Kindle … Continue reading

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