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#dSavannahDefects – J is for…


… journey So, basically the dealio with me getting behind (as I alluded to in yesterday’s post) in my personal blog writing and my visiting of fellow #AtoZChallenge blogs and reading them and commenting (snarkily, in many cases) and tweeting them is… (and I’ll try to make this long story short)… I went on a little journey. Last week was Spring Break for my hubs’ niece & nephew (and yes, I claim them as mine, too), and we promised to go with them (and their mom, hubs’ sis) to the Georgia Coast (Beach time!). Well, hubs and I were supposed to leave on Sunday, but I felt like death warmed over, so we didn’t go. I didn’t feel any better on Monday, so hubs went … Continue reading

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Photo by me.

I can imagine that turning into a butterfly hurts. Not so much the cocooning – the wrapping yourself up in a warm dark place – But waking, blinking and disoriented, in a different state – every fundamental thing about you transformed – then the struggle to be released from where you put yourself. The unfolding of new, damp wings. The flexing of muscles you didn’t know you had. But Oh! The glory of that first flight – bird song in your ears sun in your face the horizon vast and welcoming. (20 March 2004; © D. Savannah George) I wrote that poem well over a decade ago, never expecting that I myself might one day feel like I am struggling to become a beautiful butterfly. … Continue reading

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R is for…


…Roadtrips! My darling hubs has what is affectionately known as “itchy feet”. That means he likes to go traveling around. And of course, I go with him. (Usually.) It was especially fun to go roadtripping when we lived in Arkansas. We already lived 12 miles outside the closest town, so it was easy to go a-wandering and discover some new place within a couple hours’ drive. And it’s amazing what a little change of perspective can do for your soul. For instance, last year after the death of my dear one (detailed in “G is for Grief” for #AtoZChallenge2014), hubs took me down to Macon, Georgia. And we had no idea til we got there, but that weekend happened to be the Cherry Blossom Festival, … Continue reading

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C is for…


…Color I know y’all have been waiting breathlessly all day for my next installment in this here #AtoZChallenge2015. Unfortunately, last night I couldn’t sleep because of extra pain due to extra physical activity yesterday (darn insomnia! darn fibromyalgia!) and so my brain is in a big fog today. I even tried napping, and that didn’t help… and neither did a long hot shower or a cold iced tea… But I shan’t let the fog beat me, so here I write. I hope you’ll forgive me if it’s not the best post I’ve ever written. My faithful friend Brandi gave me some ideas for this post: “Clean. Contrite. Curly. Cross-eyes. Couches. Crimson. Clumsy. Colors. Church. Cumberpatch. Canada. Clarity. Cousins. Cold. Climbing. Crystals. Clothes.” Which are all … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for debut author Chad A. Clark!!!


I am beyond pleased to bring you a cover reveal this fine day middle of the night. Why, you may ask, is dSavannah so excited? And why has she begun speaking of herself in the third person? Well, I’ll tell ya. If you’ve read my blog over the past few months, you’ll know that one of my writer friends is Chad A. Clark. He was my partner in crime writing for April’s #AtoZChallenge. He answered The Questions on May 4. And today it is my honor, nay my privilege, nay my joy, nay my supreme raison d’être (I may be getting carried away here…) Anywho, I’m pleased as punch to be part in the cover reveal for his debut book, which will be released for Kindle … Continue reading

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What I’ll do on my summer vacation

One of the first shots I took with my nice camera in 2009. Queen Anne

I know, I know… you’re groaning at the silly reference to first-day-of-school assignments given across the world. Or is that a myth? Do teachers still require that essay? I know I certainly don’t, but then I’m teaching college students, and many of them don’t have a summer vacation because they are taking classes. Also, I teach graphic design, and asking them to illustrate what they did using an entirely foreign program might be a tad evil on my part. (Eviler than I usually am, that is. *cackles*) Anywho, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, what I plan to do on my summer break, which includes but is not limited to: Sleeping. Okay, that sounds silly, but I need to rest. I’m worn out. … Continue reading

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N is for…


So, you know what’s amazing about this challenge? Besides the fact that it is forcing me to write every day, after a six-month hiatus? Things that happen to amuse me. For instance, today yesterday oh who knows when it was, I was chatting with my friend Guster on FB while we were both insomniacking. (Yes, yes, I know it’s not a word, but you know what I mean, so deal with it.) His question:  “Do you know what you’re writing about for N?” My response, without thinking about it: “Nope.” His response? “Nice.” Then we LOLed and he told me the perfect topic to write about. I had considered writing about naysayers, but decided to hold that for when I write my “So You Want … Continue reading

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