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The forgotten heroes…


dSavannah note: So, the last time I had a ‘spate’ of blogging was in April (APRIL!), due to my chronic illnesses and brain fog and depression, oh my. But I actually wrote {runs to check} erm, 19 (really?!? really!) drafts, so I’m gonna try to semi-polish them up (telling my perfectionism to take a hike) and go ahead and publish them. In no particular order. So here’s the first. Likely errors included. Mike Rowe (of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” fame) has a new series on Facebook (the platform is apparently getting into developing content now; the next step for them, I guess) called “Returning the Favor“. The premise is similar to the one for “Dirty Jobs” – except instead of finding people doing the truly … Continue reading

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#IWSG – So you want to be a writer…. (pt 3) –
with Bonus Thoughts on #NaNoWriMo


In my last post for the #IWSG, I told you that there are only two things you really need to do to be a writer: first, you read, and second, you write. I also told you I was going to go more into how it’s not quite that easy, and so I shall. I was looking through some old, old papers, and came across a list I’d written down while attending a writers’ conference a million years ago. (Or 20. More like 20.) I vaguely remember the person speaking (male), and the room (smallish? Maybe 25 (?) of us), and I definitely know it was long before email and e-books and self-publishing were viable alternatives to agents and publishers and all that. If you wanted to … Continue reading

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The Questions with Chuck Walsh: writer


A long time ago (late 2012) and far away (Arkansas), I worked for a publisher doing book editing. I got assigned a baseball book by this dude named Chuck Walsh. And, except for my childhood crush on the Braves, I didn’t know a thing about baseball. Which I’m sure drove Chuck nuts, as I was all the time asking him questions like, “What is this {weird baseball term I don’t know}?” Except, lo and behold, I fell in love with this book. Seriously. Fell. In. LOVE. Because this book, A Splintered Dream, is way more than “just” a baseball book. It’s a book about second chances. And heart. And soul. And sadness. And love. And death. And life. And family. And lemme tell you, I … Continue reading

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G is for…


…#GNUTerryPratchett I only met Terry Pratchett once in person. But I met him thousands of times in my mind whilst reading his books. And my life was imminently enriched because of his words and his presence. And who is Terry Pratchett? you might ask, if you’ve never heard of him. And what the heck is #GNU? The first answer is easy (and not) – Terry Pratchett (aka PTerry, Sir Terry {he really is a “Sir”}, STP, The Great Man, etc.) is one of my Very Favorite Authors. So much so, that I’ve been a subscriber of the zines Discworld Monthly and Wossname for years and years, which I cannot say for any other of my fandoms. Sadly, Sir Terry passed away last month, leaving me … Continue reading

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E is for…


It’s day 5 of the #AtoZchallenge2014, which means it’s time to write about something that starts with the letter E. I’m sure you’re all a-twitter, wondering whatever I picked to ramble on about. Is it “excellence”? As a matter of fact, no. Tho I could indeed discuss the fact that we should strive for it in all we do, that we should treat each other that way, that we should watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure… It’s also not Erinyes, the monster my pal Chad Clark chose to write about for his “E” topic (which by the way, is making me quite envious of his vast knowledge of various monsters… and here I thought I was fairly well-read!). Nor is it efficiency, the topic chosen … Continue reading

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D is for…


As expected, and noted in yesterday’s post (also published quite late in the day), I did not wake up early enough to write my entry for D… and then hubs and I had to rush off because his aunt and uncle, whom I had never ever met (and we’ve been together for like 12 years or something now, and known each other since 1989) were coming through town to visit. And of course, although words and meeting challenges and not missing deadlines are important, people are way more important, and we had quite a lovely visit. (With big thanks to my sister-in-law for the meal, because although I am many things that start with the letter D, “domestic” is not one of them…) So, I’m … Continue reading

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So, I haven’t been blogging… again…


And you probably didn’t even miss my ramblings, because “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” really only refers to chocolate and rain. Not to verbose writers who ramble only sporadically. I’ve wanted to blog, I truly have, but life has gotten in the way. As usual. I didn’t even manage to publish the “yay! Your book is here!” post for Troy Aaron Ratliff’s horror novel Do I Bother You At Night. And I promised him I would. (Forgive me, T-roy?) {<—- if’n you wanna see this little pics a wee bit bigger, just click them; you can also go visit my #PhotoADay2013 album on Facebook to see a large version of each individual image} The chaos I’ve endured ~ and, you could … Continue reading

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