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The forgotten heroes…


dSavannah note: So, the last time I had a ‘spate’ of blogging was in April (APRIL!), due to my chronic illnesses and brain fog and depression, oh my. But I actually wrote {runs to check} erm, 19 (really?!? really!) drafts, so I’m gonna try to semi-polish them up (telling my perfectionism to take a hike) and go ahead and publish them. In no particular order. So here’s the first. Likely errors included. Mike Rowe (of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” fame) has a new series on Facebook (the platform is apparently getting into developing content now; the next step for them, I guess) called “Returning the Favor“. The premise is similar to the one for “Dirty Jobs” – except instead of finding people doing the truly … Continue reading

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Some life-affirming projects


I am blessed enough to be involved with a group of people in Canada (small world!) who are doing some really great things, and I wanted to share the info with my faithful readers. Supporting these projects with shares and money would be welcome. But if you’re able to glean something to help yourownself in your personal life, so much the better. #ShiningALight Philip Be’er and Markus Fahrner are in the midst of real-izing a huge project to bring a new book to life aimed at creating freedom from emotional wounds whose roots go back to childhood. They are looking for supporters and investors of every amount to bring their work to fruition! Emotional safety unlocks a door to gentle and accelerated personal growth. Learning … Continue reading

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Y is for…


Y could be for a lot of things. I considered writing about the actual word why, and sharing my favorite song by the fabulous Will Smith – most especially his song “Why“, which is one of my favorites and very powerful. But, I’m trying to end this blog on an upbeat note (pun intended), and that song is kinda sad. It starts by talking about the morning of 9/11, and goes from there… I also had a couple other ideas that actually start with the letter Y, only I’ve managed to forget them all… And then it hit me (not too hard, thankfully), the perfect topic: Y is for Year End As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Visiting Instructor at the local university. (“Visiting” just means … Continue reading

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Blogging A to Z…


So, this writer friend of mine posted about this blogging challenge, and since I am clearly insane, I decided to sign up for it. Essentially, every day in April (except Sundays), we post a blog, starting with, of course, the letter A on day 1, and going on to B on day 2, etc. until we end up with Z on April 30. Sounds easy, right? Riiiiiiiight. Especially for a girl (me), who hasn’t blogged at all in six long months, who has waaaaayyyy too much on her plate, and who has a personality quirk/OCD that requires perfectionism. But, again, I haven’t blogged in six months. And I’ve missed it. And a few of you, my faithful readers, you know who you are and I … Continue reading

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Quotes about Courage

Courage painting by D. Savannah George

I recently went through my old DayPlanner ~ which I can’t seem to get rid of, even tho I don’t use it for its intended purpose any more ~ and found a bunch of quotes I’d written down and saved. It’s been quite some time since I wrote a post featuring quotes that I like, so I thought I should share some with you, my good readers. Today’s topic is Courage: something that I don’t necessarily have a lot of, but I try to practice anyway. I named my very first painting (yup, the one to the right) ~ which I did on February 28, 2003 ~ “Courage”. I always wanted to paint, but for some reason, probably because I mostly identified myself as a … Continue reading

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My intentions for 2013

Jar of Happy

Yesterday, I told you some of what happened in 2012. Now, I’m gonna talk about my intentions for this new year. And yes, I know we’re halfway into the first month. Life just sometimes gets in the way… Every year, I get out my journal and write down a list of things I plan to do during the upcoming year. And I look at my list from the previous year, and make note of how I did. If I didn’t do so well, I don’t beat myself up. I just resolve to do better. Sometimes my intentions (or resolutions, as a lot of people call them) are specific, like complete a certain project; sometimes they are more general. These, my dear readers (good and bad … Continue reading

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Or, “Writing Isn’t Really Solitary”. Or, “What Made the Rambler Cry”. As some of you may know, in January of this year (2012), I got a contract to write a book for Annie’s Attic Mystery series, all thanks to my friend K.D. McCrite, who also writes for the series. She introduced me to her editors and helped me with the proposal. (She also recently answered The Questions.) In March, she went with me to the coast of Georgia for a sabbatical, a chance for us both to get away from things and write. My book, A Spicy Secret, is #22 in the series. Her book, A Stony Point Christmas, is #21. We sat together in a room with lots of windows, watching birds and other … Continue reading

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