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The Questions with A. Carina Barry: writer


In the not-so-long ago, I met Carina via some other online writer friends, and she runs one of the online writers’ groups I belong to. For some reason (because I’m that cool, I guess), she asked me to edit a couple of her stories for her book The Under-Circus and Other Tales. The Under-Circus is a very intriguing and fun setting, and I hope she and her husband Robert re-visit it again for another book. Looking back, I have no idea how I managed to do the edits that I, erm, managed to do, because I was also teaching full time. I even asked her to answer The Questions well over a year ago, and I’m finally able to get to posting them. So, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Questions with February Grace: writer

Godspeed by February Grace

I only recently met today’s guest ~ online of course ~ but I was quickly drawn to her as she is also an artist and writer. But Bru, as she is called, has a problem I don’t: she is losing her eyesight. Which I can’t even imagine. And I am reminded again how grateful I am to have had lasik to correct my own poor vision. When Bru’s debut novel, Godspeed, was released on June 18th of this year (a month ago!), I offered to host her on my blog. (Yes, I’m a wee bit behind in posting it… but aren’t I always these days?) AND, in a completely unrelated coincidence, I actually won a copy of her book in a contest! Woo-hoo! (No, I … Continue reading

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The Questions with Valerie Haight: writer

Happenstance by Valerie Haight

As y’all who read my blog know, I love to help promote my fellow authors. I’m especially excited to introduce you to Valerie, whose debut novella, Happenstance, was just released this past December by Turquoise Morning Press. She kindly agreed to answer The Questions and tell us all about it. The Questions 1. Tell the good readers of this blog how we know each other. I met Debbie at a tiny Mexican restaurant in our hometown after a mutual friend introduced us. We laughed and talked all things writerly then she missed the big writer’s league meeting the next day because she was sick! BUMMER. So we live tweeted all the good stuff from the meeting for her. (dSavannah note: they did. Not quite as … Continue reading

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The Questions with Jason McIntyre: writer (pt. 3)

On the Gathering Storm by Jason McIntyre

And here are the final eleven questions, as answered by the verbose – or possibly just bored – Jason McIntyre. If you didn’t read ‘em already, go read Part 1 and Part 2. The Questions, 21-31 30. What’s the most expensive crap you own that you can’t live without? My writing gear. The iMac is pretty important and my upcoming novel was written entirely on an iPad while small children scrambled at my feet. (dSavannah note: Scrambling to get away, I’m guessing.) 31. What aspect of your art gets you passionate, gets you excited? What gets you pumped? Doing it like no one else has ever done it. But! In a way that isn’t off-putting to a stranger who may stumble across it in the … Continue reading

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The Questions with Bryan Wilson: Artist, Designer, Educator…Overall VISIONary

Bryan Wilson

A long time ago, I started my second tour of duty (as I like to call it) as Marketing Director at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. I did not have a graphic designer on staff during my first tour, but during my absence, they decided they needed one. And I “inherited” Bryan. (Yay!) He worked for me a couple of years before, as he says below in his answer to Question #1, he ran away and started teaching. Now he’s a published author, graduate student, arts educator, graphic designer, and artist, and his finest accomplishment is probably being husband to his lovely wife and father to two adorable little girls. His book, Benjamin’s Report Card Blues, features a boy stressed out over grades. … Continue reading

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The Questions with K.D. McCrite: writer

When I moved to Harrison, Arkansas, the first thing I did was look for a writers’ group. I’d belonged to a wonderful one in Atlanta, and know how great it is to have the support and feedback of other writers. I couldn’t find one, so, along with a poet (who happened to work with my hubby), started our very own writers’ critique group. (It is now defunct, sadly, but it did serve its purpose of helping writers find each other.) K.D. moved back to Harrison from Missouri a year or so later (I think; I can’t actually remember, nor can I find my binder from the group), and she looked for a writers’ group to join. She found me. I’ll never forget her calling and … Continue reading

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The Questions with Sarah Martinez: writer & editor


I am often amazed at the power of the internet to connect people. This post’s guest lives all the way in Seattle, Washington, which I love. I went there on my honeymoon with my practice husband about a million years ago. (My uncle gave us plane tickets to anywhere in the US, and we picked the furthest spot we could go.) Sarah’s first book is Sex and Death in the American Novel, something I would probably never pick up, as I’m not into erotic novels. But I might now, based on Sarah’s answers to The Questions. By the way, that awesome photo ^^^? I totally stole that off Sarah’s Facebook page. It’s of her books in Edmonds Bookshop, right next to those of one of … Continue reading

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