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The Questions with Julianne Bonnet: Faerie Goatmother & poet

Peppermint Poppy Seed Soap

Not quite a year ago, I asked Julianne if she would be willing to answer The Questions, and lucky for us all, she said yes. (I did warn her it could be a while before I got them posted… And I was not wrong about that.) I don’t really remember why or how I connected to Julianne, but Facebook tells me we have 11 mutual friends (other writers) and have been friends since August 2013. So, over three years. (Or are Facebook years like dog years, and mean a lot more?) I can tell you that I absolutely love love love Julianne’s business as the Faerie Goatmother. She has a herd of goats, and uses their milk to make hand-made, yummy, deliciously-smelling awesome soap (my … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – J is for…


… journey So, basically the dealio with me getting behind (as I alluded to in yesterday’s post) in my personal blog writing and my visiting of fellow #AtoZChallenge blogs and reading them and commenting (snarkily, in many cases) and tweeting them is… (and I’ll try to make this long story short)… I went on a little journey. Last week was Spring Break for my hubs’ niece & nephew (and yes, I claim them as mine, too), and we promised to go with them (and their mom, hubs’ sis) to the Georgia Coast (Beach time!). Well, hubs and I were supposed to leave on Sunday, but I felt like death warmed over, so we didn’t go. I didn’t feel any better on Monday, so hubs went … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – G is for…


Hello my dear lovelies, It is 11:53pm EST on Thursday, 4/7, and for the first time this challenge, I have written exactly ZERO words for the next day’s post, which is this post, for G (Friday). I have caught up with my working ahead, and am no longer ahead, but now behind. (Tho H is written, and, go figure, U.) So, I will do my best to be informative and interesting, but this may not be my best effort, for which I apologize in advance. Anywho, G is for… … genetics Think you know about genes and genetics? Think again. I bet you don’t know much. I know a little, and it ain’t hardly enough to shake a stick at. (Sorry, my Southern is showin’.) … Continue reading

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Photo by me.

I can imagine that turning into a butterfly hurts. Not so much the cocooning – the wrapping yourself up in a warm dark place – But waking, blinking and disoriented, in a different state – every fundamental thing about you transformed – then the struggle to be released from where you put yourself. The unfolding of new, damp wings. The flexing of muscles you didn’t know you had. But Oh! The glory of that first flight – bird song in your ears sun in your face the horizon vast and welcoming. (20 March 2004; © D. Savannah George) I wrote that poem well over a decade ago, never expecting that I myself might one day feel like I am struggling to become a beautiful butterfly. … Continue reading

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E is for…


It’s day 5 of the #AtoZchallenge2014, which means it’s time to write about something that starts with the letter E. I’m sure you’re all a-twitter, wondering whatever I picked to ramble on about. Is it “excellence”? As a matter of fact, no. Tho I could indeed discuss the fact that we should strive for it in all we do, that we should treat each other that way, that we should watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure… It’s also not Erinyes, the monster my pal Chad Clark chose to write about for his “E” topic (which by the way, is making me quite envious of his vast knowledge of various monsters… and here I thought I was fairly well-read!). Nor is it efficiency, the topic chosen … Continue reading

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The Questions with Coreen’s Greens: maker of natural balms and salves


For those of you who read my blog, well, ever, you know that I like to host various writers and artists by making them answer The Questions. Well, for the first time, I am hosting someone who is not a writer, and not an artist in the traditional sense – meet Coreen, a maker of natural balms and salves. I first met Coreen – well, her salves, really – when my dear friend Brandi Klepfer (who answered The Questions last year) pretty much saved my life last spring by sending me a tin each of Coreen’s Greens Bug Bite Relief and Nature’s Salve. At the time, I was on sabbatical on the coast of Georgia, and working on my book, A Spicy Secret. Not only … Continue reading

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