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My thoughts on Lady Gaga’s documentary & chronic illness

Lady Gaga at a doctor

dSavannah note: Yes, this is my first post in a long time. Yes, there are probably errors. Everything sounds great in my head, and then I go to write it out, and my brain drops out and my eyes cross and my back spasms and the words turn to mush. (A fun benefit of having a chronic illness.) I’ll admit: I’ve never really been a fan of Lady Gaga. I’ve never actively disliked her either, but I never really cared for her or her crazy persona with the wild outfits and wigs, or her pop music (I’m more a blues, alternative, rock – and occasionally rap – girl). But the chronic illness community has been talking about Lady Gaga’s documentary, now streaming on Netflix, and … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – L is for…


Hi. I’m dSavannah. A comment from a new reader made me realize that I can’t assume (you know what happens to you and me when we do that!) that visitors know my theme or purpose for completing the #AtoZChallenge. So, if you are a new visitor to my blog, my theme this year for the challenge is #dSavannahDefects, aka “What’s it’s like dealing with #InvisibleIllnesses”. Or, in short, {some of} what’s wrong with me. … letting go & lessons I am combining these topics because they are so intertwined. (An aside, my hands are being so hurty and stupid today. I can’t type. And my perfectionism won’t let me leave typos, not even for the WordPress spell checker to catch. {Funny – it says WordPress … Continue reading

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I Mustache You Some Questions

So, Mark Ethridge tagged me for the Mustache Survey (or the “Four Answers” survey), which is also going around Facebook, and I decided to play along on this here blog. Here’s my answered survey. And yeah, I’m sure you were DYING to know my answers. You’re welcome.   Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: Kitten (hubs calls me that, or Sea Spook) Dr. Jorge (my students called me that; tho I am not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV) Cakes (long story) Grandma Moses (due to my crocheting; it was a mean thing kids called me long ago) Four Jobs I’ve Had: Floral department at Winn-Dixie (grocery store); also deli, where I made all the signs and created … Continue reading

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U is for…


…Ugly “Ugly” If you’re ugly, I am ugly too In your eyes the sky’s a different blue If you could see yourself like others do You’d wish you were as beautiful as you And I wish I was a camera sometimes So I could take your picture with my mind Put it in a frame for you to see How beautiful you really are to me Ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that some days Ain’t no rainbow in the sky, when you feel U.G.L.Y. And that’s ugly, yeah yeah yeah Ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that some days Ain’t no rainbow in the sky, when you feel U.G.L.Y. And that’s ugly, ugly All of us just feel like that … Continue reading

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X is for…


X is for Xylophone! Wow. I canna believe it, but this is my third-from-the-last post for the #AtoZchallenge2014. That means, it’s my, erm, *counts fingers and toes*, 24th blog post this very month! I am ever ever so proud of myself and my partner-in-words, my compatriot and cheerleader, Chad Clark, for sticking with it. Words are easy to come by, but not always easy to put together coherently (hence my “H” and “V” posts). Course, I can’t promise that this short ramble about this little musical instrument will be coherent. After all, it’s Monday, April 28 at 12:04am, after a long day of grading. And I could use a massage. But anywho… My grandparents were both very musical. My great-grandmother taught piano, and I have … Continue reading

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U is for…


I suppose I’ll be cliché today and write about a topic that generally springs to mind when one hears the letter U. No, not umbrella. Or uvula. Tho there’s a funny story there, about a friend who had his uvula removed and really confused people when he told them. I’m also not writing about umbrage. Or ushers or the undead or unicorns. And not about umpires, uteri or updrafts, and most certainly not about uniforms, which I had to wear in high school. Such attractive polyester creations they were, too. {Shudders.} Nope, it’s for everyone’s favorite little instrument: U is for Ukelele One year for my hubby’s birthday, I bought him a guitar. Which he wanted. And which he hasn’t played. A perfectly lovely guitar. … Continue reading

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L is for…


So on Saturday, I wrote about Kissing. Today, for “L” day, I shall write about a similar and related topic, but first, I’d like you to watch this video by the incomparable Brad Paisley from his 2003 album Mud on the Tires. L is for Love and Lies A lot of people would say that you should never ever ever lie, regardless of the circumstances, and that if you love someone, and even if you don’t, honesty is always the best policy. However, I disagree with that sentiment, and agree with Brad’s philosophy (read the full lyrics to the song if’n you want): ‘Cause that’s love, you’ll see We all commit a little bit of perjury Ah but that’s no crime if you ask me, … Continue reading

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