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All I can do is cry…


I wanted to write a post about having gratitude even in the midst of being a Sick Person, but then death smacked me upside the head a few days ago, and then social media flooded with stories of the woman attacked and sexually assaulted by the Stanford student (whose name I refuse to speak), and the lenient sentence he got, and … I just can’t. All I can do is cry. I cry for the victim of that horrible crime, even as I applaud ‘Emily Doe’s’ courage in writing and reading her Victim Statement, and sharing it with the world. It is hard to read. (But I hope you do.) It makes me cry more. But it is also hopeful. That maybe what she went … Continue reading

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dSavannah’s Holiday Gift Guide


Well, it’s that time of year: the holidays. And yes, I say holidays, because it could be any number of them for you: Kwaanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, etc. Plus, if you’re in the Western Hemisphere, you celebrate the New Year. And most people do some sort of gift-swapping celebration, so I am here to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone, without ever stepping foot in a store. (You’re welcome.) First of course, you can purchase something from me. I am an artist, after all, as well as an author and rambler. Hop over to my Facebook page, grab the 50% off code for my artfire store, then hop over there and go shopping! (The code is good through Dec. 19.) I … Continue reading

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Orange is *still* Orange ~ #TeamOrange!


I am a proud member of #TeamOrange, a group of writers who banded together in 2012 to create the anthology Orange Karen: A Tribute to a Warrior, with all proceeds going to help fellow writer Karen DeLabar and her family pay for medical expenses associated with her bout with Toxic Shock Syndrome. We released the anthology to great fanfare in April 2013. It’s been a while since I’ve promoted it, and I think it’s time to do so again. Fellow author and anthology compiler Christina Esdon inspired this post with these words on her Facebook page: “Hiya friends, as we gear up for summer vacations and enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying life, it makes me think about someone I know who almost lost her life … Continue reading

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S is for…


I’m not sure why I started each post of this here challenge by telling you what my letter is not for, but it’s tradition now, so I guess I’ll have to continue. My S is not for space-monkeys. My writerly pal Gareth S. Young said I could not write about them, because he called it first. I don’t even know what a space-monkey is, tho it’s presumably a regular monkey wearing a space helmet. And he did not specify if the space-monkey I should not be writing about is a rhesus monkey or a chimpanzee (which is technically not a monkey, but an ape). After all, there are lots of different kinds of monkeys, including capuchin and spider and colobus. And should I not be … Continue reading

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L is for…


So on Saturday, I wrote about Kissing. Today, for “L” day, I shall write about a similar and related topic, but first, I’d like you to watch this video by the incomparable Brad Paisley from his 2003 album Mud on the Tires. L is for Love and Lies A lot of people would say that you should never ever ever lie, regardless of the circumstances, and that if you love someone, and even if you don’t, honesty is always the best policy. However, I disagree with that sentiment, and agree with Brad’s philosophy (read the full lyrics to the song if’n you want): ‘Cause that’s love, you’ll see We all commit a little bit of perjury Ah but that’s no crime if you ask me, … Continue reading

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K is for…


K is for Kissing I know, I know what you’re thinking… And yes, yes it is. But I’ll keep it short. The blog post, that is, so I can go kiss on my husband. As the marvelous Jill Conner Browne said in one of her books, I don’t remember which (but it doesn’t matter – go read all of ‘em… you won’t be sorry) (nor do I remember the exact quote) (and buggeroo if I can’t find it right now), anywho, she said something along the lines that kissing is a fabulous way to release stress and show love to your loved one. If you’re feeling mad at your spouse/significant other, go give ‘em a big ole smooch, right on the mouth, and tell me if … Continue reading

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G is for…


dSavannah Note: This is not a happy post. This may trigger some of you to think of things you’d rather not remember. This may cause you tears. If you are unable to read this, I understand; I can barely write it. But if you take nothing else away from this post, please go tell the people who are important to you how much they mean to you. Anything could happen, and it could be too late. Even if you’re mad at them, even if you want to shake them, even if they are driving you flat crazy, tell ‘em how much you love them. You might never get another chance. G is for Grief Three weeks ago, my ex-husband’s stepmother, Cindy, dropped dead. Fifty-six years … Continue reading

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