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R is for…


…Roadtrips! My darling hubs has what is affectionately known as “itchy feet”. That means he likes to go traveling around. And of course, I go with him. (Usually.) It was especially fun to go roadtripping when we lived in Arkansas. We already lived 12 miles outside the closest town, so it was easy to go a-wandering and discover some new place within a couple hours’ drive. And it’s amazing what a little change of perspective can do for your soul. For instance, last year after the death of my dear one (detailed in “G is for Grief” for #AtoZChallenge2014), hubs took me down to Macon, Georgia. And we had no idea til we got there, but that weekend happened to be the Cherry Blossom Festival, … Continue reading

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Z is for…


Z is for Zee End The letter Z is for many things, but in my world (at least today), it stands for three things in particular. Of course, it doesn’t really stand for “Zee End”… just the end of this blogging challenge, the end of April, the end of cheering on my challenge partner, Chad Clark, who in addition to his usual writing, did this challenge with me and wrote stories about 26 monsters, most of which (whom?) I’d never even heard of. So I learned a lot. (I’ll save my ramblings on the challenge for the “Reflections” post, which is to be published on May 5. And in a couple days, I’ll publish Chad’s answers to The Questions, so you can learn more about … Continue reading

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M is for…


Unless my counting skills are waaaaay off, which is possible, M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, which means I have made it half-way through this here #AtoZchallenge2014 challenge. YAY me! Sadly, once again, I had a complete and utter blank mind when it came to figure out a topic for this illustrious letter ~ I had really hoped when I signed up for the challenge to find partners who might come up with ideas for with me ~ but alas, that was not to be. (Although I could copy my partner Chad Clark and say M is for Monsters, but he’s pretty well got that covered.) So of course, in situations like this, one consults one’s bestie for ideas, and she came up … Continue reading

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F is for…


Once again, I’ve come upon a letter that has stumped me. I mean, I can’t very well talk about my favorite word that starts with that letter (and rhymes with yuck)… again, trying to keep it clean for the audience back home… tho I have many many witnesses as to my using that ever-so-helpful and stress-relieving word… And I really wanted to use it this morning, when something went horribly awry with my web server and my blog went down. (Otherwise, this would have been posted at 10am or so!) So I turned to my friends for ideas. The Book Hipster herself suggested suggested that I discuss friends, and although I do luuurrrveee my friends (some more so than others, ha ha!), and could wax … Continue reading

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The Questions with Betsy Madden: Birthday Twin & Bibliophile (pt. 1)

birthday kitten lolcat cake cute funny

So… today (7/11) (yes, like the convenience store) is my birthday. It’s also the birthday of fellow writer h. l. nelson (who answered The Questions on 9/22/12), Merlin Leach (who works tirelessly for women and children’s rights through his Foundation), and my actual birthday twin (i.e., born the same year), Betsy, who is also a dear friend. She so enjoys reading The Questions, and comments on most of them. After another dear friend of mine, Brandi Klepfer, participated in the mayhem, Betsy decided it would be fun to answer them herownself for our birthday. You will note that she completely ignored my instructions regarding answering only seven questions, and answered all but two of them (and I’m up to 45), which is why you will … Continue reading

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The Questions with A.J. Aalto: writer

A.J. Aalto

I met A.J., aka ‘the writerghoulie’, online in my fabulous writers’ group. She has a wicked, wicked sense of humor that I totally get and enjoy. And, although I haven’t actually read her books yet (bad me!) {in my defense, I’m barely reading anything right now}, the 109 reviews (4 star average!) for her first book, Touched, must mean she’s also an awesome writer! {Do you think I used enough parantheses and commas in that sentence?!?!?}  A.J.’s second book, Death Rejoices, was just released on April 24. And it has *nineteen* reviews, most of them five stars! (As of the date of this post…) A.J. has graciously agreed to answer The Questions for us. (Or she was forced to by her editor. Either way, I’m … Continue reading

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The Questions with Christina Esdon: writer, mermaid, actress


I’ve mentioned my online writers’ group several times, and the next person to fall sway to the power of The Questions is Christina Esdon. And she asked me if she could participate. What kind of person would I be if I denied her deepest wish? Things I know about Christina: she believes she is part mermaid. I’m pretty sure if I had her tub, I’d totally want to live in it too. <——- I mean, how awesome is this? (I stole the photo off her Facebook page.) She acts and sings and choreographs for plays. She lives in Ontario, Canada, eh, a fact that will make my hubs very happy. (He thinks he’s Canadian for some reason. I mean just cuz his great-grandfather emigrated to … Continue reading

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