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dSavannah’s Holiday Gift Guide


Well, it’s that time of year: the holidays. And yes, I say holidays, because it could be any number of them for you: Kwaanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, etc. Plus, if you’re in the Western Hemisphere, you celebrate the New Year. And most people do some sort of gift-swapping celebration, so I am here to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone, without ever stepping foot in a store. (You’re welcome.) First of course, you can purchase something from me. I am an artist, after all, as well as an author and rambler. Hop over to my Facebook page, grab the 50% off code for my artfire store, then hop over there and go shopping! (The code is good through Dec. 19.) I … Continue reading

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Book Launch: In Memory. #GNUTerryPratchett

I have mailed books to all these places. Guess I

If you’ve read my blog for a minute, or followed me at all on social media (or have known me since high school), you know I am a reader, a bibliophile, and, to some extent, a book hoarder, tho I’ve gotten better. According to the awesome, of which I have a been a member since 2005, I have mailed 367 books all across the USA. (I would have mailed more, but since I’ve been sick, I’ve had to severely decrease the books I post on my shelf to share because I can’t afford the postage anymore.) (By the way, if you are a book lover in the US, PaperBackSwap is awesome. They have a small fee to be a member, and you otherwise only pay … Continue reading

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C is for…


…Color I know y’all have been waiting breathlessly all day for my next installment in this here #AtoZChallenge2015. Unfortunately, last night I couldn’t sleep because of extra pain due to extra physical activity yesterday (darn insomnia! darn fibromyalgia!) and so my brain is in a big fog today. I even tried napping, and that didn’t help… and neither did a long hot shower or a cold iced tea… But I shan’t let the fog beat me, so here I write. I hope you’ll forgive me if it’s not the best post I’ve ever written. My faithful friend Brandi gave me some ideas for this post: “Clean. Contrite. Curly. Cross-eyes. Couches. Crimson. Clumsy. Colors. Church. Cumberpatch. Canada. Clarity. Cousins. Cold. Climbing. Crystals. Clothes.” Which are all … Continue reading

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A is for…


…Adulthood When I was a very small child, I thought my parents knew everything. And that adults had everything sewn up and knew which way was up and which was down and how to do everything that ever needed doing. (And yes, that’s a whole bunch of cliches I threw in there, just for fun.) And I generally assumed that I would be the same way… that at some point, I would become an adult, and everything magically would fall into place. Many of you (may or may not) know that I’ve taught at the college level. What you probably don’t know is that a good many of my students approached me to have private conversations because of the great worry they carried regarding “being … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal for debut author Chad A. Clark!!!


I am beyond pleased to bring you a cover reveal this fine day middle of the night. Why, you may ask, is dSavannah so excited? And why has she begun speaking of herself in the third person? Well, I’ll tell ya. If you’ve read my blog over the past few months, you’ll know that one of my writer friends is Chad A. Clark. He was my partner in crime writing for April’s #AtoZChallenge. He answered The Questions on May 4. And today it is my honor, nay my privilege, nay my joy, nay my supreme raison d’être (I may be getting carried away here…) Anywho, I’m pleased as punch to be part in the cover reveal for his debut book, which will be released for Kindle … Continue reading

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#AtoZchallenge2014 ~ Reflections


dSavannah note: I have been working on this post for what seems like weeks. Okay, when I consult the calendar, I guess it has been weeks… Since before the end of the challenge on April 30 and when I posted The Questions with my erstwhile partner, Chad Clark. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I’m a teacher. End of school year arrived, with the resultant craziness. And it also meant I needed to grade my students’ Final Projects. Plus, as usually happens, lots of other stuff descended at the same time. Which meant this post got pushed off til… well… now. And I even missed the deadline to post this on the #AtoZchallenge2014 site. *shrugs* What can you do?  So, without further, ahem, … Continue reading

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Y is for…


Y could be for a lot of things. I considered writing about the actual word why, and sharing my favorite song by the fabulous Will Smith – most especially his song “Why“, which is one of my favorites and very powerful. But, I’m trying to end this blog on an upbeat note (pun intended), and that song is kinda sad. It starts by talking about the morning of 9/11, and goes from there… I also had a couple other ideas that actually start with the letter Y, only I’ve managed to forget them all… And then it hit me (not too hard, thankfully), the perfect topic: Y is for Year End As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Visiting Instructor at the local university. (“Visiting” just means … Continue reading

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