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#FictionFriday: (the start of something)


She paused at the entrance to the great room, reached to her right, and flipped on the light. She could make her way through the rest of the house, in the dark, blind-folded, with no problems, but no matter how much she threatened, screamed, threw things away, punished, etc., the boys never could seem to keep their toys picked up in the great room. She wouldn’t even care about the mess, but the only way to the kitchen was through the great room, and the kitchen, at night, after the boys were finally asleep, was her only refuge. Her only safe haven. She picked her way through the mess – the discarded, separated newspaper pages; the dirty socks; the half-set up train set; the Legos … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: (nothing)


No, “nothing” isn’t the name of today’s fiction piece. “Nothing” is what I have to share today. I think I mentioned that I have a lot of old stories on my old computer, and that I hadn’t converted them from AppleWorks to Word. Well, yesterday I got my old iBook4 down from the attic, and turns out that I had actually converted all of the stories, but hadn’t transferred them to my current computer. (I haven’t converted 189 poems, so that’s next.) So, I did the transfer and opened them up and read them and… like writers everywhere, decided that what I have previously written is crap. Wooden. No soul. No heart. Not worth sharing. (Tho I did kind of like a story that I … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: In Another Era


In another era, I died at this age. When I died, I was an old woman – my hair lank and heavy, my face seamed and lined from sun and wind and from squinting into both, my joints swollen and aching. At fifteen, I had been married off to a farmer, then kept his house and cooked and cleaned and raised chickens and grew a garden for fourteen years. I also bore him nine children, though to our sorrow only four of them lived. The tenth child I bore killed me, trying to propel himself into the world and ripping me apart in the process. This was my story: 1. “Wake up!” I tried to ignore the insistent, shrill voice next to my ear by … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: The Family Business


dSavannah note: Thank you to all of twelve of you {per my site stats} who stopped by last week and read my first entry for #FictionFriday. I really appreciate it, more than you know. I also appreciate your comments. Yes, the accent was difficult to read, but it was also difficult to write. I actually ended up sorting every word in the story to make sure I spelled everything wrong… consistently. It was, as one of you pointed out, to show how bad off society has gotten. Education has slipped; it’s a wonder my poor {unnamed} character can write at all. A couple of you (thanks writer pals Gareth and Jerry) said you wanted to read more in that world, which is something I had … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: Looking for Point Fair


dSavannah note: I’ve been thinking awhile of publishing a series of my stories on Fridays, and calling it #FictionFriday (original, I know). {Upon reflection, I thought maybe I’d gotten it from award-winning writer and editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, but turns out her site offers Free Fiction Mondays. As well as really informative Business Musings for writers. So, I have no idea where I snagged that idea. Thank you to whoever it was.} I have a TON of stories I’ve written, and I might as well do something with them. Yes, I should probably be polishing them up and submitting them to anthologies and contests, but some days (yay, #InvisibleIllness!) I just haven’t got the … wherewithall. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired and start actually writing … Continue reading

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