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#dSavannah #HolidayGiftGuide2016


Well, y’all may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while.  I even got kicked off the Insecure Writers Support Group blog hop list (as I should be). Let’s just say I’ve been busy. And I haven’t had the brain power to blog. I still don’t. But, the holidays are upon us, and although I can’t financially support all my friends who are creators, artists & writers, I can certainly tell you about them, in my Holiday Gift Guide, 2016. Enjoy. And #SupportCreatorsWritersAndArtists. And give some really awesome gifts in the process. 1 #Artist Diego Jourdan Pereira Adult #ColoringBooks! (incl. #GrumpyCat) amazon 2 #BrunswickArtist #Painter Gene Threats his site 3 #YAWriter Mike Grosso #YA #Debut #Book “I Am Drums” B&N Bonus: email him with a … Continue reading

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#IWSG – So you want to be a writer…. (pt 8)

Insecure Writers Support Group

Once again, it is time for me to ramble on writing for the Insecure Writers Support monthly post. In the past, I have written about things you should be doing as a writer. However, this is the: What *NOT* to do Edition. There are jillions of articles on what to do if you want to be a writer, but not too many on what you should NOT do. So using my vast knowledge of all of those things (which means, either YES I have done it, or YES I have had it done to me), I shall impart my words of wisdom. DO NOT visit a big bookstore and get discouraged because it is filled to the brim with other books and then think “what … Continue reading

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The Questions with Joy Ross Davis: writer


Poor Joy. I feel so terrible. I asked quite a while back for people to answer The Questions and Joy kindly answered. Like three years ago. And, my life… happened, or stopped happening, as the case may be. Back then, Joy only had one book out, Countenance, “a suspenseful yet heartfelt story full of intrigue and unexpected revelations, where magic is made in the kitchen and angels can fall in love.” Now she has, erm, eleven! books listed on Amazon! Which just goes to show what can happen if you put your mind to it, and write. You’ve waited long enough for them, so here are Joy’s answers to: The Questions 8. Your favorite book growing up? Your favorite book now? When I was 12, … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: (the start of something)


She paused at the entrance to the great room, reached to her right, and flipped on the light. She could make her way through the rest of the house, in the dark, blind-folded, with no problems, but no matter how much she threatened, screamed, threw things away, punished, etc., the boys never could seem to keep their toys picked up in the great room. She wouldn’t even care about the mess, but the only way to the kitchen was through the great room, and the kitchen, at night, after the boys were finally asleep, was her only refuge. Her only safe haven. She picked her way through the mess – the discarded, separated newspaper pages; the dirty socks; the half-set up train set; the Legos … Continue reading

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GNU Pat Conroy

Me with Pat Conroy, Sept. 2015. He was tickled I

On Friday, the world lost another great voice with the death of author Pat Conroy, who passed away of pancreatic cancer at age 70, just four weeks after his diagnosis. When I read the news about the cancer, I knew he wouldn’t last long. I wish I hadn’t been right. I was introduced to his work my freshman year at college. I was “dating” (using the term incredibly loosely) a guy who gave me a copy of The Prince of Tides. I don’t remember exactly what he said when he gave it to me; just something about how I should read it. You probably need to know several things about me before I tell you how the book impacted me, in order to understand the why. … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: In Another Era


In another era, I died at this age. When I died, I was an old woman – my hair lank and heavy, my face seamed and lined from sun and wind and from squinting into both, my joints swollen and aching. At fifteen, I had been married off to a farmer, then kept his house and cooked and cleaned and raised chickens and grew a garden for fourteen years. I also bore him nine children, though to our sorrow only four of them lived. The tenth child I bore killed me, trying to propel himself into the world and ripping me apart in the process. This was my story: 1. “Wake up!” I tried to ignore the insistent, shrill voice next to my ear by … Continue reading

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#FictionFriday: Looking for Point Fair


dSavannah note: I’ve been thinking awhile of publishing a series of my stories on Fridays, and calling it #FictionFriday (original, I know). {Upon reflection, I thought maybe I’d gotten it from award-winning writer and editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, but turns out her site offers Free Fiction Mondays. As well as really informative Business Musings for writers. So, I have no idea where I snagged that idea. Thank you to whoever it was.} I have a TON of stories I’ve written, and I might as well do something with them. Yes, I should probably be polishing them up and submitting them to anthologies and contests, but some days (yay, #InvisibleIllness!) I just haven’t got the … wherewithall. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired and start actually writing … Continue reading

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