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Me too


dSavannah note: Trigger Warning: sexual harassment, assault, abuse. These words are in response to the stories that broke very recently regarding a studio head and numerous women who claim he sexually harassed and/or abused them. I will not speak his name. But I honor all of the women for coming forward and speaking out. I’m almost afraid of posting this, but with #MeToo trending right now, I am setting aside my innate fear, and publishing what I felt compelled to write last night (in the middle of the night. Instead of sleeping. The voices in my head wouldn’t shut up until I did). I am adding my voice to the cacophony, in the hopes things might change. #MeToo I deluded myself for years that I’d … Continue reading

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All I can do is cry…


I wanted to write a post about having gratitude even in the midst of being a Sick Person, but then death smacked me upside the head a few days ago, and then social media flooded with stories of the woman attacked and sexually assaulted by the Stanford student (whose name I refuse to speak), and the lenient sentence he got, and … I just can’t. All I can do is cry. I cry for the victim of that horrible crime, even as I applaud ‘Emily Doe’s’ courage in writing and reading her Victim Statement, and sharing it with the world. It is hard to read. (But I hope you do.) It makes me cry more. But it is also hopeful. That maybe what she went … Continue reading

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#dSavannahDefects – C is for…


… child abuse April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and I am a child abuse survivor, so it’s only fitting I include this topic in my theme of dSavannah Defects. You may think that child abuse doesn’t happen any more, but it does. Often. All the time. And you may think that child abuse is perpetrated by strangers. But it’s not. More often than not, children are abused by people they know well: family members, neighbors, church friends. It can range from neglect to beatings to verbal abuse to sexual assault. And no matter its “type”, it is devastating and hurtful and causes long-term problems. Goddess, but this is difficult to write about. Child abuse is often perpetrated by victims. It cycles through generations. I … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week 2015


Hi. My name is dSavannah, and I read banned books. And I’m helping celebrate / promote (demote?) / raise awareness for Banned Books Week, which was created in 1982 by the American Library Association (ALA), which reports that more than 11,300 books have been challenged since that time. Last year, in 2014, 311 challenges were reported to the ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom. (Note: not all challenges get reported to them. I shudder to think how many more there might be if all challenged books got reported.) Okay, so why are books being banned and/or challenged? This handy graphic from the American Library Association shows the top reasons: Note that the top reasons are “offensive language” and “sexually explicit”. (If our kids can’t learn bad … Continue reading

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Another side of the story…


It’s *his* story, but it’s also mine. Because that night, many years ago, we were the second people he called after he shot and killed a man. We were there with him, all night, as he paced and paced, and talked and talked, and we listened. My friend, a police officer, had drawn his gun in the line of duty, and pulled the trigger. And that act ended the life of another human being. I wasn’t there when the shooting actually occurred. But I was there with my friend, right after he’d been cleared to go home by his superiors. We were there, all night, listening to him talk. Listening and supporting a man who I, to this day, trust with my very life. Listening, … Continue reading

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It’s Banned Books Week

Early wooden printing press, depicted in 1568. Such presses could produce up to 240 impressions per hour. *Image from Wikipedia.

Books have always served an important function in the world: sharing culture, knowledge, and ideas, and of course, providing entertainment. We all (most likely) know the name Johann Gutenberg ~ the storied inventor of the fabled printing press. Prior to his invention, books and reading were mainly the purview of the Christian Church. Specially trained monks copied religious and classical works in a scriptoria (writing room); “the compilation of comprehensive knowledge into a single document was considered a vital, even sacred endeavor”*. Needless to say, that meant: a) they controlled the books that were distributed, and b) it was a painstaking process, and c) books were very very expensive. And d) not everyone could read, because why should they? The story of the printing press … Continue reading

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The Questions with A.J. Aalto: writer

A.J. Aalto

I met A.J., aka ‘the writerghoulie’, online in my fabulous writers’ group. She has a wicked, wicked sense of humor that I totally get and enjoy. And, although I haven’t actually read her books yet (bad me!) {in my defense, I’m barely reading anything right now}, the 109 reviews (4 star average!) for her first book, Touched, must mean she’s also an awesome writer! {Do you think I used enough parantheses and commas in that sentence?!?!?}  A.J.’s second book, Death Rejoices, was just released on April 24. And it has *nineteen* reviews, most of them five stars! (As of the date of this post…) A.J. has graciously agreed to answer The Questions for us. (Or she was forced to by her editor. Either way, I’m … Continue reading

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